Signs of Flirting- Is She or Isn't She

What are the signs of flirting? Can you pick up on it or do you wonder if they're just being friendly? This is hard for a guy to figure out at times. One of the reasons for this is that women are fickle and they also lie. Say what! That's right they lie. Many times they are flirting, but won't admit to it. They flirt to feed their ego then when a guy comes on to them they say they were just being friendly.

Have you been there yet?

I am willing to bet you have. I know this because I am a woman and years ago I played this stupid game. The good news is, I stopped, the bad news is that there are thousands more who still do it. I am sure there are men who do it as well; however, women are by far the bigger flirt. Men usually just come on to you and skip the flirting part.

Women can be obvious or subtle when flirting. One of the most obvious signs of flirting is when a woman giggles at everything you say even when it's not funny. She will also consistently move in closer, so close that she begins to touch you. Then, she will make subtle moves and sit close enough that her thigh or arm are resting up next to you.

Some other signs of flirting are the infamous tossing and touching of the hair. Sort of like a horse tossing it's mane to and fro. It is a show off move when a horse does it and a flirting sign as a woman does it. They may also start to groom you and do things like fix your collar, hair or anything that may be out of place.

Complimenting excessively is another flirting sign. As you start to disclose more about yourself she will make it a point to let you know that she loves men who do blah blah blah. If you're a fireman she loves firemen, if you build houses she loves construction guys. This could go on and on, so you fill in the blanks.

If she is bold some of the signs of flirting are winking, eyeing you up and down, licking her lips excessively and applying lipstick while she's staring at you. At this point, she's pretty much gone beyond flirting and is coming on to you. So, you are not getting a mixed signal she is very interested. What are you waiting for it's your move.