Low Testosterone Levels in Women

The hormone testosterone is typically thought of in relation to men. There is "too much testosterone in the room" and other hormone related remarks are often made about men. Just as men have estrogen levels, women have testosterone levels. Hormones are incredibly important to the overall health, wellness, and functioning of the human body. A simple blood test by your doctor can show whether testosterone levels are low.

Many women do not think about low testosterone levels. The signs of low testosterone levels in women can greatly affect their quality of life. The ovaries are where the majority of the hormones are produced in women, just as the testes are the major testosterone producers. The primary hormone in women is estrogen, but the ovaries also produce progesterone and testosterone. When the ovaries are not functioning properly or are absent, it can cause low testosterone levels in women.

The amount of testosterone produced by women changes over the course of a lifespan. There are other things that can lower testosterone levels in women, such as having a hysterectomy (surgical menopause) or the removal of an ovary or both. Diseases like Diabetes can lower testosterone levels in women as well as obesity. Other than age and surgeries that can directly cause low testosterone levels in women, it is important to look for other low t signs and symptoms.

Some of the main signs of low testosterone in women are trouble with the libido. There may be no drive at all, it could be diminishing, or just be lower than normal. Losing your libido can affect your life in many ways, especially if you are married or partnered. Use the normal amount of loving as a good marker for whether or not the libido has dropped. This can signal that there are low testosterone levels. Women are not always the one who notices, so it is important for men to also take note. Along with losing the libido, another sign of low testosterone in women is Anorgasmia, the inability to achieve an orgasm. There might be decreased sensation with lower testosterone levels. Also related to low testosterone in women is painful intercourse and problems with dryness. Women should go to their doctor if any of these symptoms occur and are out of the norm for them. They could be a sign of low testosterone levels or another problem.

Not all of the signs and symptoms are libido related. The other more subtle signs of low testosterone levels in women can be harder to pinpoint. These are depression and fatigue, fat around the belly, hot flashes, losing muscle strength and mass, and a disinterest in doing things. These symptoms, when combined with the libido related signs, end up producing the picture of an uncomfortable woman. Imagine feeling quite awful for some time only to find out that it was only low testosterone levels which can be fixed quite easily. The signs of low testosterone levels should be taken seriously and investigated. Women can use testosterone supplements. The testosterone supplements wont make them mannish, but will help them feel better and provide some relief.

Women with low testosterone levels can be at risk for bone loss, Osteoporosis, and cardiovascular disease. Although the normal course of nature is to produce less testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones throughout life, the sudden occurrence of these symptoms should prompt questions. It is very possible for a woman to be in her 20s or 30s, have had a hysterectomy, been left with no ovaries, but has never been tested for any of her hormone levels, including testosterone levels.

The idea that women have low testosterone levels that create medical discomfort is starting to be talked about more. Doctors are speaking about it on the television. Even Dr. Oz (a doctor made famous by Oprah and his charm) is doing short segments on the signs of low testosterone in women prompting awareness. Thinking of testosterone as purely male is dangerous and will leave women suffering. Getting the right testosterone treatment can help with nagging fatigue, strengthening bones, building muscle, losing the fat that wont go away no matter what, and providing energy that used to be there. All of these benefits have nothing directly to do with more energy in the bedroom, but certainly when a person starts to feel better or good then it translates into their life in all places.

If there are signs of low testosterone levels, women should talk to their doctor, especially a good gynecologist because they should be experts in hormones. Most general practice physicians might refuse to order hormone testing, especially if you have had surgery on your ovaries or have had a hysterectomy and are on hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy though means estrogen for women who no longer get in naturally and are possibly supplementing with Estradiol or other types of estrogen medications The doctor's reply to women asking for hormone tests is usually that the test will show she has estrogen because of the replacement therapy. The doctor may deny the testosterone testing perhaps citing insurance costs.

Most doctors are not at all going to come up with the idea to test for low testosterone levels in women because it is rarely talked about with patients. It is very important for women to write down all of their low testosterone level signs and symptoms before going to the doctor. This will help both to focus on a solution. Women have the right to ask for testosterone testing, especially if they are showing signs of low testosterone levels, and especially if they have had a hysterectomy and never had hormone tests.

Ask the doctor to explain thoroughly the test results and what they mean to overall health. If the doctor calls to say that the testosterone levels are low, but does not suggest treating it then it is the woman's job to ask about testosterone treatment. The doctors, even upon seeing a low or miniscule testosterone level in a woman, may still not bring up treatment for low testosterone. Always ask the doctors as much as possible about what they are thinking and what results mean, etc., because knowledge is power when it comes to your body.

Low Testosterone in Women Tips:

If you are not happy with your doctor's attitude or dismissive attitude about getting your testosterone levels checked then find a new doctor. This is about your health or that of a loved one. Men, if your person has been experiencing these symptoms, bring up the idea of low testosterone levels.

Once you notice these signs of low testosterone levels in women then get tested. If you find out that you do have low testosterone levels and you decide to start taking a testosterone supplement, it is important that you keep a calendar of your symptoms while taking the testosterone supplement. Keeping track of how you feel will help you and the doctor decide if taking testosterone for your low t levels is worth it.

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