Learn what the signs of physical attraction are and how to read a person's body language.

It's hard for people to decipher the signs of physical attraction. But, the most modest way to read these signs is to study a person's body language. Body language can tell you a lot about how someone truly feels about you, this nonverbal form of conversation has been in existence for centuries.

Body language is the way that people express themselves without saying a single world. Once you learn how to decipher certain characteristics that coincide with body language you can pretty much have the world on your sleeve. There are negative forms of body language as well as positive forms of body language. Many people cease to notice the positive forms and often times find themselves wrapped up in the negative forms.

Looking at body language signs of attraction can at times be extremely obvious. A few signs that someone is attracted to you are consistent smiling. People opt to be happy around people that they find attractive. They smile as a means to allow their true beauty to shine through as well. Everyone states that people look their best when they adorn themselves with a smile.

signs of physical attraction - body languageHowever, smiling is not the only sign of physical attraction. Another prominent sign that someone may be attracted to you is excessive staring. The saying not to stare that was taught by so many mothers over the years, pretty much gets thrown out the window when you find yourself attracted to someone. You stare as a means to analyze the person. Their overall beauty creates an awe inspiring sense to stare. Anytime that someone notices something that they like, you will notice they will consistently stare at it as a means to evaluate what they truly like about it.

Believe it or not, shyness is also a trait of body language that can inadvertently reveal an attraction to someone. People often times turn to being shy as a way to mask their emotions for someone. The person is not avoiding you in the least bit, but may seem a little distant as not to offend you with their overwhelming attraction to you.

In most scenarios a person that utilizes the shy approach will bump into you knowingly but keep their head down as they apologize for their clumsiness. The person will give a shy little smile and bat their eyes in a way to draw attention to them.

This brings in another of the signs of physical attraction through body language, the constant blinking of the eyes. This blinking is referred to as batting and is normally done in a means that the other person notices. The eyes are said to be the window to ones soul, and the constant batting is done in a playful manner to detour the other person from gazing into their eyes.

Body language can help you interpret a lot about someone who may be physically attracted to you. Not everyone has the ability to bear their emotions and lay them on the line for everyone to see. That is why; you need to learn to properly evaluate body language in all its forms.

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