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Don't you wish they'd get around to inventing a time machine?  That way, you could look ahead in time and see if tomorrow's date is going to be a score or a dud.  Until that day, you'll have to depend on your observation and intuition to determine if you and your date click.

Here are a few things to watch out for on your next date:

The biggest sign of a dud date is how he or she responds to you.  If she is silent and sullen all the way through the date – that's a bad sign.  If your date started out good – she's talking, you're talking, everyone's laughing and smiling – but it slowly petered off into silence, you could be out on a dud date too.   Even though you both tried your hardest, you just couldn’t click.  That's cool – that happens.  It may be best to call an end to the date and end everyone's misery.

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Eye contact is important in any conversation – it's the most primal way that we humans connect emotionally.  This sort of connection is important when you're out on a date.  If she won't look you in the eye, it's more than likely that you'll never have any sort of special connection to one another. 

Aye to the I's:
Giving a little summary about you, your background, and your interested is one thing, but droning on and on and on about yourself and your work can get pretty boring for anyone listening, right?  If your date is talking non-stop about themselves, it might mean that they're a nervous chatterbox…or they're very self-centered and conceited.  Time to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation.

Not Syncing Up Emotionally:
Ever been around someone you just can't seem to sync up with?  They don't get your jokes, you can't seem to find anything common, and their laughter makes you cringe?  That's a sign that more than likely you two will have a rough time finding any common emotional ground.  End the date quickly and put both of you out of your misery. 

Not Syncing Up Physically:
Body language says it all even if they don't.  When someone's really into you, they lean forward or move closer to you as you talk.  But when they remain aloof, pull away, or sit as far away as they can without being rude, that's a sure sign that the date isn't going very well. 

Couples still stay together - with some workCredit: the Edge:
Does your date seem to be on the edge?  A little bit of anxiety is okay (I mean, they are out on a date with a new guy / gal) but if there is more than that, it's time to worry.  You may be dealing with a powder keg who has more emotional baggage than you want to deal with.

Disappearing Act:
And of course, there are the blatant "I can't stand this date" moves.  For example, the "go to the bathroom and never come back" or "My mom just called.  There's an emergency at home.  I need to go now."  These are extremely childish and rude and should not be practiced by anyone….but some still do.  If this happens to you, don't take it personal.  Just move on to the next guy or girl.  You know someone better is out there for you!