Good parenting tips

Parents are the role models and the ideal figures to follow for their children. They are responsible for building up the children’s future and charcters. No parents in the world want their child to become of a bad character or cast wrong influence on others but all the bad or good feature in the child’s character has the very seeds in its parents’ behavior. It is the parents who are the pioneers of the next generation who gets inspired by them. Duty and responsibility of a good parent is to prepare the kids for their bright future and motivate them in all possible ways as a friend, philosopher and guide. Some ways to avoid bad parenting and to become a good parent are discussed below:


Neglecting the Child

A child always seeks love and security from parents. But instead if he is neglected it will lead to mental illness from the very childhood. The child would be left in loneliness and feel worthless and abandoned not being treated with care and proper affection. It may bring a strong sense of psychological disease that can lead to a life-long problem due to the treatment of negligence.



Loving your child and pampering them is not the same. Pampering makes children too demanding, arrogant and rude. They do not face the realities in life and become too much dependent on their parents and when they grow up they turn up as spoilt ones who cannot adjust with situations and are not self-dependent. Some parents are so much over protective about their children that they become cowards in future or cannot value others.


Bad parenting


Forcing is a very common thing seen among parents who want to fulfill their own dreams and desires through their children. Children have their independent thoughts and capacities which should be recognized and respected by the parents. Up to a certain level parents can guide their children to make proper decisions but imposing their own ones onto them is demoralizing that ultimately makes them unhappy. It has a very negative impact on children’s career and de-motivates them by overlooking their own dreams.



Severe punishment and verbal abuse for every small mistakes and wrong deeds breed adverse result. A parent should approach like a teacher to rectify any mistake and make the child understand what is wrong and what is right. Some parents victimize the child for their own frustration that result in psychological damage of the child. Frequent punishments turn them into rebellious ones and make them disobedient.



Partiality or favoritism is always a sign of leaving a bad effect on children’s mind. They are felt cornered and tend to suppress anger and depression. Many households have the examples of bearing favoritism for boys and give them proper education and care neglecting the girl child even today. Rural areas are the commonest pictures of this example.


Complaining and Comparing with Others

Complaining about their children in front of others is very humiliating and consistently comparing them with others destroy their self-confidence.These also cause damage for their mental health and ruin their spirit.


Encouraging Bad Behavior

What the parents do the children are likely to follow and if they show any bad habits in front of the children they will immediately copy them. On the other hand if the children grow any bad manner the parents should keep an eye to that and must not encourage it and nip it in the bud.


Not Having Faith on the Children

If parents do not trust their children and rather believe others it seems to be very hurting and insulting to their self-esteem. In some cases the children are not even given the chance to explain anything. All these can badly affect a child and he may go out of control as a result of bad parenting.


So the above discussion explains that parents should be attentive, dutiful and more responsible in the all-round development of a child by instilling in him a high sense of morals, principles and proper values.

good parenting tips