(68682)Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/52139368@N08/4794508507/Monica Model MoodBoard via FlickrBreaking up, especially those who have been in long term relationships is a difficult decision. It has been observed that women usually do not take the first step in breaking such relationship; this does not mean they will first not come up with this idea but that if they have taken a decision they will usually not communicate it directly.

In case you feel that things are not going on a right track, you need to reflect on your relationship, following are few alarming symptoms that she may use to convey that she has decided to get over with it.

1. The foremost and most obvious sign is that she may start ignoring you. She may not pick up your calls on the account that she has been busy. In case she is avoiding meeting you as well, it means something is wrong, especially if she used to meet you regularly.

2.  If she meets you finally, you will not be her focus anymore, she may be more attentive to the surroundings or someone else. Remember if a woman is into you, she gives you her undivided attention.

3. She is hiding stuff from you; it may be small matter such as what kept her busy for so many days, or whose phone call she just attended.

4. Most of the women love to be a part of conversation. In case she does not pay much attention to what you are saying to her, has stopped enquiring about things or is keeping the conversation to minimal, beware and reflect on your relationship.

5. If the blame game has started over minor things and small things provoke her to start an argument, there is something wrong. Pull up your socks, this attitude of women is not normal.

6. Women would never say no to presents from someone they are involved with. Therefore, in case she refuses your present, especially something that she wanted to have, it is time to worry. This is probably because she has decided to end the relationship and would not like to have guilt of accepting a gift when she had already decided to part ways.

7. It is not safe if she is responding to the breakups and divorces around her in a more positive light and thinks that those who breaks up are better off and live a happy life.

Remember, everything is possible in love, maybe few of the above-mentioned points do not bring you the bad news. It is never too late to reflect and discuss to start a new beginning.