He's Fallen Out of LoveCredit: Right CelebrityCredit: Right Celebrity


When you first get with your boyfriend the both of you at the “honeymoon” stage where you cannot get enough of each other. Now it is getting to the point of where he wants nothing to do with you. What does this mean? He has fallen out of love with you of course.

Him Detaching Away From You

If your boyfriend does not want to hang out with you, go to the movies, or on dates he has definitely fallen out of love with you. But really you shouldn’t be the one who asks to go to the movies or out on dates. If he is not even asking you things that is a major sign. Or when he makes excuses every time something comes up of you two doing something together, and this has been going on a month now, he has broken up with you and you do not know it yet.

Notificaton That there is a Change in Him

If you a notice a change in him by his tone, they way he acts, or they way he response by you telling him that you love him these are all signs that he has falling out of love with you. When you notice that he does not tell you that he loves you first or says it in a different tone, he is probably having a tough time telling you that he wants it to be over. If he starts acting different like wanting to hang out with his friends more or starts getting real moody with you these are some signs that he wants it to be over and he has falling out of love.

Picking Fights

If the both of you are fighting and fussing these are signs. Yes, couples do argue put if he is picking a fight himself for no reason this is a red flag! If you are asking him something in person or on the phone and he just starts yelling and acting a fool, or just hangs up or walks out he really does not want to be with you. He is making reasons to not be around you and being mean because he might be feeling guilty that he does not love you so, he starts acting this way instead until you are the one who breaks it off first.