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As a comic book fan(and a comic book movie fan) I, like many others, have been waiting somewhat anxiously for some signs of what to expect from the upcoming Captain America movie. Now we may be finally starting to see some early signs of that. This past Summer during the San Diego Comic Con, Marvel movie fans were rewarded fore their patience with a preview clip which reportedly included some rough scenes from the early days of the movie shooting schedule. As well, fans were given an image of Chris Evans - a head and shoulders shot of him in his World War II garb. Until now that was all they got and keep in mind that the clip never made it out of the new Marvel movies panel where it was presented, so fans in general had even less to go on.

Recently some officially released photos from the Captain America movie set in England surfaced and started to make the rounds on the internet. the key thing to remember here is that the pictures are official and condoned by the studio, so we can assume that what we are seeing are images of how things will look in the upcoming Marvel film. the images are of a stunt double for Evans, but they show enough of how an adult male looks in the costume to give us an idea of what to expect from one of the next major movie re-imaginings of a well-known Marvel comics character who is also arguably an iconic figure for many. The costume appears to be something of a departure from the standard comic look of the character and also the villains on motorbikes appear to be more modern looking in their appearance or attire than one might expect of a period piece movie - even a comic book-based period piece movie.

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Undoubtedly, with the predictable increase in such images and eventually the release of actual scenes or clips from the Marvel comics movie, fans will start to get an even better idea of how this project will look when it hits the big screen next Summer. No doubt this will all contribute to an even stronger build up of fan buzz in Captain America: The First Avenger as well as all of the other upcoming Marvel movies yet to come.