Signs that your Ex wants you Back
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     Have you broken up with someone and regretted it later? You realized that you really loved this person and would like them in your life. But do they want you back? It’s very hard to tell what someone is thinking and feeling unless you know them very well; that may be the case with your Ex! There are certain signs that someone is interested in you or wants to get back into a relationship with you. They can be subtle or overt and even still you can miss them if you are not paying attention. So keep an eye on them and watch for the following signs that they want you back in their life.

  • Keeping up communication: They will keep the lines of communication open and try to remain friends no matter how nasty the breakup was.
  • Jealousy:  Your Ex gets upset or jealous of other people you are hanging out with; even more so if you are hanging out with people from the opposite sex or gender that you are attracted too. They get visibly upset when hearing about you and other people having a good time; and it will be fairly obvious that they are jealous of them spending time with you.
  • Dropping hints: Your Ex will drop hints to you about what is going on in their life. They will let you know when they are available and even hint that they miss doing things with you. They will try to give you excuses to contact them and continue a relationship with you even though it’s platonic at the moment.
  • Goes out of their way: If they go out of their way for you; doing nice things to help you out and dropping their plans for you; it’s a pretty good indication that they want you back in their life.
  • Does not start dating: If your Ex holds back from dating in order to spend time with you then they may be holding out to see if you want them back. They want to see if you’re going to get back together; it’s as simple as that.
  • Showing up: Does your Ex seem to coincidentally show up everywhere you or “run into you” often? That is a pretty good sign that they want you back in their life. They know you well enough to guess where you are going to be at any given time and will plan to just happen to meet you there.
  • Asking: They will ask about you through your friends to see how you are doing or if you are dating anyone. Trying to find out if you miss them at all and getting details about what you are up too is a good indication they miss you and want you back.
  • Change: They change their appearance suddenly. This may be an indication that they are attempting to become a new person in your eyes and perhaps attract you all over again.
  • Bring up good times: They will talk about the past and all the good times you had together a lot; hoping to rekindle the flame that you had in your heart for them.
  • Friends: If they want to remain friends and keep you part of their life in some way shows that it’s hard for them to let go of you completely. If they want you in their life in some way then that is a good indication that they may still have feelings for you.
  • Still calling: If they are still calling you and talking to you regularly may be a good indication that breaking up was a mistake in their book; and they are trying to keep you in their life as if nothing happened at all with your relationship.
  • Flirt: They flirt with you when you are together is a very obvious sign that they are still interested in you. They want you to notice them and find them interesting and attractive again.

     These are just a few of the many signs that your Ex wants you back in their life. So pay attention to see if they keep up communication, act jealous, keep tabs on you or flirt with you when you are together. Remember these signs can be very subtle or overt and you can very well miss them unless you are looking for them specifically. It is hard to tell what someone is thinking and feeling unless you know what you are looking for so brush up on these signs that your Ex wants you back. If they are not exhibiting any of these signs then that is a very good indication that they do not want you back in their lives. If so, just let them go and soon someone knew will find their way too you...