Leaving a relationship does not come as an easy task but when instances call for it, you have to leave the relationship before it will ruin both you and your partner totally.There are times when something has to be done even if it hurts, if it is for the good of both.In a relationship where nothing is left anymore to keep the relationship alive, something must be done and the best thing to do is to leave the relationship and pray that things would be better if this is over. While this is easier said than done, it could be beneficial for both you and your partner.




What are the signs that it is time to leave a relationship?




There is no more trust and respect on both sides.




If you have no more trust and respect to each other and both of you are into blaming each other and suspecting each other for things that aren't proven true most of the time, something is wrong with the relationship.If this situation worsens, the better option is to leave the relationship.




You feel happier without your partner around.




If you are happier without your partner around, it means that the relationship is over.Partners who care and love each other are happier with their partner around but if the opposite happens then there is something wrong and rather than sacrificing your happiness that you can enjoy without your partner, then decide what's better for you to do and do it while you can still be friends.




You fight without stop for trivial matters.




Heated arguments, quarrels and fights are normal in a healthy relationship but if it too much and both of you cannot breath anymore, this means that it is time to leave the relationship and let each other have a space to breath.




You both lie to each other.




Lying is not always bad if it saves someone from getting hurt but if it is in a relationship that used to be honest and considerate; it becomes something different.When you start hiding something from your partner and you don't care anymore if your partner gets hurt and feels bad about it once he finds about it; it means that the relationship has already reached its goodbye time.You cannot live comfortably and happily in a relationship where you prefer to lie to your partner and receive lies in return. Fulfillment has already soured so it's time to do something.




You get bored doing things with your partner.




You used to enjoy every minute of your partner's company then things changed and it becomes boring.If things become boring and you prefer to be with other people, then leave the relationship.Why stick to a relationship when it does not work anymore?This will be beneficial for both of you because you will have a chance to find happiness with people you deserve.




The relationship becomes abusive.




Once the relationship becomes abusive and you become a victim; it is time to leave the relationship.Being abused in a relationship does not mean physical attacks only but also verbal abuse that makes you feel so useless and incapable of doing things in the right way.Do not try resolving things if abuse becomes too much because you will be ruined for the rest of your life.




Leaving a relationship is not that easy but if it is what makes things better then it is the best decision that you can have in life.