Signs your friend is a keeper.

Two friends holding hands

There is a saying that friendships come and go but good friends are hard to find. When we have a true friend, we should treasure that person. Good friends are like diamonds-rare and hard to fnd but very valuable. In this superficial world in which we live, too many so called 'friends' are superficial and have ulterior motives.They lack transparency and are more interested in what benefits they can gain from you in the friendship than in merely just being a friend. Wondering if your friendships are for real? Well here are some traits of a friend who is a keeper.

Boy and girl holding hands

A true friend is there through thick and thin. No matter what the situation, a real friend stands by your side and never leaves.

A true friend never judges you. Whether you are in the right or wrong, a good friend never judges your actions or your past. They like you for who you are, perfect or unperfect. With a good friend, there is no reproach or condemnation.

A true friend forgives unconditionally. A good friend is always willing to let bygones be bygones. They like you enough to forgive your imperfections, knowing that they too are humans and fallible.

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A true friend always tells you the truth and not what you want to hear. A genuine friend will dish out advice that may not necessarily be what you want to hear but rather what is edifying for your growth. Whether the truth hurts or not, you can count on your pal to be 100% with you 100% of the time.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. As the saying goes, real friends make themselves available to you when you most need them. Whether you are feeling crushed after a bad relationship or just down in the dumps, your friend will always be there to pick you up and give you cheer! They are just a phonecall or Blackberry message away!

A great friend knows you inside out. Whether you are going through PMS, stressed or simply in a bad mood, your friend knows your every hormonal change. She knows when to let you be and when to come to your rescue. She knows when you need a tub of ice cream for a girl talk or just a pat on the shoulder. She also knows when to just be silent and listen.

A real friend never dishes out your personal business. A real friend is loyal to you no matter what the circumstances. She is a keeper of all your juicy secrets. A true friend never spills the beans on you nor would she ever relate your personal stuff to others.

Boys telling secrets

A great friend knows how to make you laugh. Who better else to share a great joke with than your closest friend? Even that horrible outfit that would normally make you squint when you try it on in the mirror, makes you crumble into fits of laughter when in the company of your friend. The world always seems to be a better place to be in when your friend is by your side!

A close friend shares similar interests with you. You both like the same type of ice cream, you watch the same type of shows, like the same style of jeans and you both dislike boring re-runs! You feel like you two are soul mates, or peas of the same pod. Part of your initial attraction stemmed from your similar likes and dislikes.

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A real friend shares in your joys and pains. A friend for life will be at your side for your happiest moments. She will help you pick out your wedding dress and will be your maid of honour. She'll be there when you are in labour, holding your hand and edging you on. She'll even be there helping you pack when you move out. She'll share all your memories with you-bad or good and she'll never miss out those precious moments.

Be sure to cherish your friend if he or she meets these requisites. Like a valuable treasure, keep them close and never let them go!

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