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When Silent Hill came out in 2006, hardcore game fans complained there was not enough game in their movie. Now in 2012, Silent Hill movie fans complain there is too much game in their movie.

There is just no pleasing Silent Hill fans.

Silent Hill Revelations takes place an undetermined amount of time after the first movie. Sean Bean makes his return as the father from the first one with a much older daughter, a new name (Harry Mason) and no wife. Adelaide Clemons play the aforementioned daughter who happens to be his daughter from the first but under the assumed name of Heather Mason.

Heather and Harry Mason is a wink to fans of Silent Hill 3.

Anyway, heather and Harry appear to be on the run in a brand new town. however, as Heather reaches he 18th birthday, he grasp on reality seems to be slowly slipping away. It does not help that she seems to be plagued by creepy characters in her real life as well. As she starts a new school, Heather meets Vincent (Jon Sno-...Kit Harrington) who constantly berates her with cheesy romantic advances.

After he father goes missing, Heather and Vincent go on an adventure to Silent Hill to unravel the mysteries of the alluring town. Oh, and the mysteries of the Order of Valtiel and the Seal of Metratron and the Halo of the Sun...

There is a lot of mystery in Silent Hill Revelation.

The film had so much potential to be amazing. Michael J. Bassett could not just continue the plot of the movie though, he had to try to smoosh the plot of Silent Hill 3 in there. Bassett seems like a little child that smashed two equally good trucks together hoping to mold them together.

When they molded together, they came out horrible. Silent Hill revelations is basically Silent Hill in 3D, with a lot of extra exposition that you understand better if you have played the game.

However, the great thing about the original Silent Hill movie is that you did not need to play the game to understand what you are going on. Silent Hill revelations went all sorts of wrong when you tried to combine game and movie.

It does not help that Adeliade Clemons seems to be the only actor that cares. She makes a superb Heather, looks exactly like her in Silent Hill 3, portrays fear amazingly, and seemed to genuinely care about her role. Every single other actor in Silent Hill Revelations seems to take the lazy route in their acting. Given almost all of them have something better to do.

One plus though, Sean Beans' American accent has improved greatly over the years. Kit Harrington's accent leaves the viewer imagining Jon Snow trying really hard not to sound British. Listening to Harrington try is one of the more entertaining part of the movie.

jon snow and heather

Speaking of Kit Harrington, watching Heather and Vincent interact is sort of like watching Twilight. The actors are so not into each other, you are not sure you are watch a romance at first. Then slowly, what they said begins to register and BOOM, you realize it. They were attempting to put romance into Silent Hill.

Putting romance in Silent Hill is like chatting on Xbox Live hoping to initial some intense discussion of metaphysics without once hearing the word "noob". It just not belong.

Other than that, there is not really that much different in Silent Hill revelations in comparison to Silent Hill. Silent Hill revelations still has the same chilling music, grinding metal sounds, and fire. Pyramid Head is still there. The creepy nurses are there. All of that mixed in with a plot that is more complicated than it needed to be.

Where the original Silent Hill left you wanting to follow Rose on her descent through the darkness, Silent Hill Revelations provides no such incentive. You do not care what happens really to Heather or her dashing handsome companion. The first movie really made you care what happened to Rose, her child, and her police officer companion.

You were shocked by the gory scenes in Silent Hill, but when you see them rehashed in Silent Hill Revelations, it is like, "who cares?" There is nothing new and shocking about Silent Hill Revelations. Perhaps Bassett was not a dark enough mind to direct this film. You would think a director that went out of his way to go see the Silent Hill game developers at Konami could think of more surprising gore scenes than just rehashing what was already done.

Oh, but do not worry, it leaves room open for a sequel. Hopefully they learn from the disturbingly low reviews of this one and stop trying to force the Silent Hill games in where they need not be.


The eye rolling, badly scripted, and hard to follow dialogue as well as the underdeveloped characters make this a movie to skip. However, if you liked the creatures from the first movie. You will like seeing them again. If you were looking for new innovative creatures, do not hold your breath for it though.

On the bright side, if you are a major fan of 3D, they really amp it up as you get further in the movie. However, I hate you as 3D is a curse on the world and you should not be encouraging them. I will throw you 3D fans a bone though, having Pyramid Head swing right at your face was pretty cool.

Long story short, if they just kept the plot of the movie and the game separate, they would have a better movie that needed less long talking scenes. In 2006, all the Silent Hill game fans and trendy hipsters were in a rage that the movie didn't follow the games. This is 2012 now, guys. We have grown to learn that the movie was good in its own right. Stop trying to take criticism that is six years old and fix what you already broke into some further broke thing.

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