The morning is so clean, the summer breese is soft and fresh. I imagine the leaves enjoying the playful whisp of air as they climb ever toward the crystal blue sky. My mind is so at peace when I daydream my morning, sipping on coffee, letting me slowly wake up to another day. Another day in my life, what will it bring, what will I give, who will I touch today. My engaging smile will warm the hearts of my friends or new acquaintances I may meet.

As I formulate a mental list of must do's and might do's, my mind sees each item or person I will connect with. Always thankful for another moment with each contact, knowing this is how I thrive. The desire to be needed and need, to want and be wanted, to help and be helped. Why is it difficult for us earthlings to understand this very basic element.

I'm looking forward to my shower, the feel of the water cleansing me, the sweet smell of my perfumed soap. And nothing better than fresh shampooed hair, clean and soft. I love the wind swirling through the strands as I go about my day.

I'm going through my wardrobe, processing in my mind what I will wear, how I will feel in the clothing I select, what I will look like in my thoughts and how I will be perceived. I have a gathering with a group of friends at 7pm, we all grew up together. I have to ponder what really goes on in their everyday lives that they keep silently to themselves. Do they think like me, do they appreciate the very simple things, like the pretty sky, the beautiful nature that surrounds our lives. Does anyone every take time to just be thankful for the quiet.

Mine is not a perfect life, I have my heartaches and pain, my hard times and trouble, they are mine and kept within my silent thoughts. All the bad, they trials can't compare to the greatness of having love and being loved. To know and fully understand that there is only one me...just one me and that I really am special. We are all special and should recognize that redgardless of appearance in any fashion.

Well my thoughts have wandered and my time is up, time to get up and busy myself for the day. I hope my travel is productive and when I curl in bed tonight I am happy with me and what I did or didn't do. When I slip into sleep it is peaceful and just maybe I will dream my favorit dream. The ability to fly, just leap into the air and soar through air, enjoying the freedom to go anywhere, it is an exhilirating dream.

With my love....RcTrip