Ribbons of Cancer

Catching Trouble Early

I am not a mechanic, and know nothing about cars except for the basics. I do have enough knowledge about cars to know it is better to catch a problem my car is having early and take it to the shop to get examined and fixed than to just roll the dice and take my chances that the problem will fix itself. When I see the check engine light on, or if I know something is not working to standards with my car, I immediately head for my mechanic. It does not cost any money for him to look at it and diagnose it.  If it is something simple, and he fixes it without charging me, I run a drink down to him the next day for the help. I like to keep my mechanic happy. Car trouble is terrible!

Now how can car trouble be related to Cancer? Well unfortunately, our bodies do not have a check engine light like cars do, but you know your body better than anyone else does. Sometimes you can detect if something in your body is not functioning up to standards. What do you do if you find something not functioning, do you go to your mechanic? No! You go to your doctor.

A doctor can help you in finding out what is happening to you. In fact, your doctor should see you at least once a year for a physical exam. Why? because they will do preventative tests on you each year to make sure you stay healthy. If they do the proper testing, they will find out if you have something like cancer, or another illness. If you have illness in your family that is passed on because of genetics, I would recommend you see your doctor more than once a year. In fact, many clinics hold free screenings for cancer related items.

Trust me this is your health and your livelihood at stake. Sheri Dew, CEO of Deseret Book, had these words to say, "I almost feel guilty being classified as a breast cancer survivor. What I ended up experiencing was a couple of weeks of sheer terror. I had to go through a surgery, but the recuperation was not that difficult and the prescription was a very simple one, all because they caught it early."Sheri was lucky her doctors found it early. She was going in to be checked for kidney stones, but the doctors found something else...The found cancer! It could have killed her if it had gone unnoticed or unchecked.

Again your body does not have check engine light like your car. You do know your body better than anyone, but even if you feel fine, it is still good advice to get checked at least once per year by a doctor.  You will not regret it I promise!