Silhouette Rimless Glasses are beautiful spectacles.

Silhouette Rimless Glasses - A Work of Art for Your Face

Are Silhouette Rimless Glasses sexy? Do Silhouette Rimless Glasses add to your sex appeal? Picture Silhouette Rimless Glasses in this scene:

You’re in your local upscale bookstore, browsing in the travel section after having picked up the latest James Patterson murder mystery thriller, when you spot him.

He’s tall, massive, and muscular. And his thick, well-cut brown hair reminds you of espresso.

He’s dressed in what can only be described as a designer suit. Armani maybe? Perhaps, he’s a CEO.

He’s studying, quite intently, a travel guidebook on Fiji. Suddenly, you envision him and you, alone, together, in one of those romantic over-water bungalows.

With what has to be Divine Intervention, he turns to look at you. He smiles, displaying two of the most adorable dimples you’ve ever seen. And his eyes…they’re a glorious, vibrant azure behind a pair of sexy and scholarly rectangular shaped Silhouette Rimless Glasses.

You close your eyes. Forget being a CEO, you’re praying he’s a cardiologist, because your heart’s just stopped!

Now, you open your eyes, hoping to seek reality. Through the lenses of your own pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses, you gaze into his incredible eyes through the lenses of his Silhouette Rimless Glasses. At the minister’s proclamation, you and your new husband kiss. Now, on to your romantic Fijian honeymoon…

Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.”—Not!

We’ve all heard this infamous—and so very incorrect—quote by Dorothy Parker. Perhaps, a new quote should be fashioned:  “Men always make passes at girls who wear Silhouette Rimless Glasses!

Silhouette Rimless Glasses are the ‘light’ choice for your eyewear needs.

Do you were spectacles fulltime, as your vision correction of choice? Maybe, you’re like me, and only wear spectacles during the rare time(s) when you’re not wearing your contact lenses. Or, perhaps, you’d like to wear contacts, but some eye issue prevents you from wearing them, either permanently or on a fulltime basis.

Whatever category you fall into, you’re going to need at least one pair of spectacles. So, make that singular pair, a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses.

Why choose Silhouette Rimless Glasses over other types and brands?

One of the first reasons to select Silhouette Rimless Glasses is for their lightness. Because these eyeglasses lack a frame around their lenses, hence their name, they’re automatically lighter in weight, irregardless of the strength of your prescription.

And when you use a lightweight material, such as polycarbonate, for your lenses, this only adds to their feeling of lightness. Plus, the polished edges of the frameless lenses add an element of beauty and elegance, which distracts from any thickness that might, or might not, be present.

In the end, lighter feeling spectacles, which you’ll find with Silhouette Rimless Glasses, are more comfortable and fun to wear, and they look so much better.

Silhouette Rimless Glasses look like classy jewelry.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel.

All of us girls with imperfect vision have been here at some point. And for those of you gals who haven’t yet…look out!

Our life is over! We develop a temporary infection, irritation, scratch, etc. in our eye(s), and for a short period of time, we can’t wear our contacts. Under normal circumstances we could live with this, not love it, but live with it.

However, next week—just five short little days away—is…insert scenario of your choice:  prom, fall or spring formal, sorority rush, graduation, the ‘BIG’ job interview, the career presentation of your life, meeting ‘HIS’ parents for the first time, wedding day, etc.

While this may strike those who have ‘perfect’ vision as being absurd, for the rest of us ‘nearly sightless’ souls out there, this is a major deal. When you’re used to wearing contacts, either fulltime, or for life’s ‘biggie’ moments and events, and they’re outta commission, it kinda puts a chink in the old self-confidence armour.

That’s why you need a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses on hand. Life is full of these types of incidents. For me, it was prom. And having a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses, with the gold sidepieces and bridge, offered me en elegant look for this elegant occasion.

And for those of you who wear spectacles fulltime, either out of choice or by necessity, you still owe it to yourself to purchase a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses.

Okay, so you love your classical tortoiseshell horn rims. In fact, you’re almost—just almost—ready to bestow these specs, with their conservative bearing, all the credit for your new corporate VP promotion. Yeah, it’s definitely the spectacles…for sure. And nothing, at all, to do with your distinguished MBA from Wharton! And it doesn’t exactly hurt your ego when the hot, new brainy, and brawny, head of IT, sporting a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses, grins at you every time you pass him.

Fast forward to your wedding day with the aforementioned ‘hot, new brainy and brawny head of IT.’ As much as you love your horn rims, and how you look wearing them, they might not exactly ‘match’ your romantic, elegant, and timeless wedding dress. They rock fabulous paired with your Chanel business suits, but not so much with your Vera Wang gown. Enter a pair of Silhouette Rimless Glasses, and enter the elegance.

P.S. --- In fulfillment of Coco Chanel’s advice, that we girls always be “classy and fabulous,” purchase the corresponding magnetic clip-on, dubbing your Silhouette Rimless Glasses as sunglasses, so you are always cool, even in the sun.

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