My Silicone Keyboard Cover For My MacBook Rocks

I was recently approached by a coworker who had been observing me on my laptop for quite some time. They pointed to my laptop keyboard cover and said, “What the heck is that?” I was a bit surprised that a keyboard cover was a strange sight to see on my keyboard, even considering who the nosey busy body was. I explained that it was a keyboard cover and told my coworker that I was surprised that she had never seen one before. I have a silicone keyboard cover for my MacBook, and I cannot imagine using my computer without the keyboard cover. When I first purchased a silicone keyboard cover for my MacBook, all that was available was black, white and clear. I chose the black; it has all of the key notations in white, which is easy on the eyes. Now, silicone keyboard covers are available in a rainbow of colors, pink silicone cover, green silicone covers even purple silicone keyboard covers. One of the coolest silicone keyboard covers that I've found was a gold one! It's shiny and looks pretty cool!

A keyboard cover can help you type more efficiently, by reducing finger slip when typing. It can also protect your keyboard and computer from spills, dust, crumbs and debris. I have always thought that I was pretty neat around my computer, but once I started using my keyboard cover, I began to think differently.

My keyboard cover covers the entire keyboard, including the spaces in between the keys. Thank goodness for that, because the amount of crud that collects in between the silicone cover keys is incredible. This is obvious proof that buying this cover for my laptop was well worth my investment. Laptop keyboard covers are available for virtually every type of notebook or laptop. Before you purchase a keyboard cover, make sure that the cover you are purchasing is compatible with your model of laptop. If it is not, the cover will not fit on your keyboard properly, and you will not be able to use it.

How do I care for my silicone laptop keyboard cover?

When I notice that my cover is getting dirty, cleaning it is not a problem. I simply remove the cover by lifting up at one of the corners, and shake it out over my trash can. Then, I wash it with a mild soap and warm water. Nothing special; I often use a drop of dish soap or whatever is handy. This is more satisfying than one may think, because when I am done watching it, it really looks and feels as good as it did the day that I took it out of the package. Drying it is also simple; I will usually shake it out a few times and then hang it up for a minute or two; that's usually all it takes to thoroughly dry it. Bear in mind that because the cover is made of silicone, it is completely flexible. You may need to use the tips of your fingers to get in between the key indentations to really clean it thoroughly. If you are in a hurry, remember that you can shake it out and blot it with a clean towel or some paper towels. Then, replace the keyboard cover back on your keyboard and type away.

One of the things that I like most about having a MacBook keyboard cover is the soft sensation under my fingers while I am typing. I do not have long fingernails, but the thin layer of silicone is nice and gentle on my fingertips. In addition, it makes the act of typing virtually silent. How many times have you listened to the constant click–click–click of someone typing? It can be distracting and downright annoying. The silicone it eliminates this hassle and makes typing nice and quiet. Now, no one has to be annoyed while watching television while I am working on my computer.

When I ordered my keyboard cover online, it only cost me about seven or eight dollars and was worth every penny. I have had my keyboard cover for almost 2 years, and as long as I wash it, it is just as good as the day I bought it. If you have long nails, depending on your typing style, you may find that your keyboard cover may begin to show signs of wear over some of the keys. When this happens, you may either continue to use the keyboard cover or you can replace it as you deem necessary. I keep the cover on my computer whether it is open or closed; there is no need to remove it when the computer is not in use. It stays on pretty securely, unless I turn my laptop upside down. Otherwise, I keep it on whether it is in my laptop case, I am traveling through an airport or I have it closed on my couch. I think this is one of many great laptop accessories that is seriously underrated. Once you use one of these laptop covers, you'll probably wonder how you ever got along without one.

Silicone Keyboard Cover

A Silicone Keyboard Cover Makes Typing Comfortable And Quiet