Where do you buy silk bedding, how do you wash it? All these questions, so little time. However, I do say they will both be answered in this post I am now writing. You already know that quality and cheap are two things that appear in the same sentence when buying them, at the right places right? I'll explain about that later.

Your silk bedding is very important, and needs to be washed with quality, care and handling or you will end up with a destroyed set, which is not good. I would suggest that you wash it on 20 degrees, some say washing it any higher won't affect the it. From my own personal experience, I will tell you that both of these are very of true. Ok, let's say you do something that is not wise, you didn't take my advice about buying one from a good store. You will have problems with washing the cheap ones brought from most of the high street stores because the material in the silk bedding is weak and inconsistent; it's cheap material.

The lavish quality material ones that you can get, are some of the best ones that I have ever seen (my collection is now 12 strong!). The silk bedding may shrink if you wash the silk bed sheets, I would firstly suggest buying ones that look great, but if you have one which is not that good, I would recommend that you hand wash it. Handwashing may take up to half an hour, but it will look a lot better when it has been finished.

However if you were wise enough to buy good quality ones, then heres what you do.Wash it at 20 degrees with only a small bit of washing conditioner, leave it to dry naturally weather its king size single size or double size, make sure its hanging out doors. If not try leave them to dry naturally in doors, radiators leave these marks on them, even if it is quality silk bedding. After its dry, it will be ready to be thrown back on to the bed to make your room look great again. Be careful handling your silk bedding though, try not to drag or rip it, they are sensitive and delicate.

If you should stain it then use your best removal cream, leave on the surface of the stain for half an hour, then wash off with warm water.