Recently, I was looking around for sheets to lay on the floor for my baby to sit on. The blanket that I usually used was in the wash and he had already thrown up on them a few times. The only thing left in my linen closet was my red silk sheets. I usually saved those for special occasions with my husband. However, since that was the only option, I decided to bring them out.

I sat my baby on top of the silk sheets and was so surprised. He loved the silky feeling of the sheets. He spent the first 15 minutes just lying in the sheets and rolling around in them. He kept reaching out to use his hands to feel the sheets. They say that babies develop their sense of touch faster than their ability to speak. Therefore, I could tell he was touching the sheets and seeing how he liked them, trying to show me how much he liked them. I could tell how much he liked them because he tried to eat them next. So, I wondered, are silk sheets good for the baby?

I did some research and found that sheets made of silk are great for the baby. First, many are allergen free. Therefore, if your baby is allergic to dust or other particles, this will help him. Of course many of you many not know if your baby is allergic to such items yet, but the fact that dust mites tend to avoid silk over other materials such as cotton or wool is definitely a benefit. Early on, your baby will not be exposed to as much dust as before. This is a huge benefit, especially since so much time is spent sleeping in bed for your baby.

The next thing is that silk is a natural product and is not synthetic. This early exposure to the earth's natural products is helpful since as a baby, you are more attracted to more natural items. This is healthier for the baby and is said to increase a child's inclination towards more natural things in general. Also, since silk is a natural product, it helps the body better regulate temperature. Therefore, it will help your baby feel warmer in the winter. It also is very breathable which will help your baby's body feel cool and comfortable during the warm hot summer.

Finally, babies love the soft, luxurious feel of silk. I tested this with my friend's babies and all of them took to the sheet. They all seemed to feel a bit calmer in the sheets and were really interested in feeling how smooth they were. For babies, touch is very important and providing them with something different that they can touch and feel is fantastic. Regardless of if you buy a silk sheet for your baby's bed, an introduction to silk sheets for your baby is a great idea.