Have you heard of the silly bandz? They are the hottest toy for kids and the best thing is that they are not limited to only a specific age group. They are these rubber figures of animals and different objects that are formed from the outline of this animal or object. The selection is very large and you can find any shape that you can think of, from their wide array - this is one of the biggest reasons for them being so popular.

Young kids can play with them in many ways, but if the child is very young, you can use them to educate the children. For kids from three years to five you can use them to learn how to recognize the items and animals presented in these nice little rubber shapes.

Kids, and especially girls that are over seven years old, enjoy the fact that you can wear them as a bracelet, and show off to your friends. They come in all the colors of the rainbow and they also glow in the dark - a great way to keep your child safe as an addition to regular luminous badges.

Don't you know where to buy Silly Bandz? Well the answer to this problem is quite simple. The internet provides you with a lot of different opportunities to find whatever you need. Many stores do not supply these Bandz yet, and many of them never will. If you search for them online, you can get great discounts as well as it is easier to compare the prices between vendors, making it possible to buy a lot of Silly Bandz at the same time - that way your child will have all they want and there is no reason to have arguments later about not having what they want.

The best thing about them must be their price, as you can get 24 different Bandz with just under $5 if you find the right seller online. There are merchants that are even selling them under $3 every now and then, so if you like to hunt for bargains, this is really something that you can save some money on.

Just like with most toys, the simpler the better. Silly Bandz are no different and because of their sheer simplicity they offer enough space for the childs imagination which will not only keep them happy, but also develop their mind - it can be a fun and educational toy.