Do you have an interest in fine jewelry? Do you get weak in the knees when you see a gorgeous piece of unique jewelry? Are you one of the many men and women who want something original so you won't have to worry about seeing someone else wearing "your" piece? If so, one of the best brands you will find to meet your needs is Silpada Jewelry.

What is Silpada Jewelry?

Silpada Jewelry is manufactured by a company called Silpada Designs. The name Silpada is a made up word which, although it had no original meaning, has now come to represent all that is good.

Traditionally, you will find Silpada Jewelry is manufactured with .925 sterling silver, one of the finest forms of silver available.

How is Silpada Jewelry made? With a machine?

Silpada Jewelry is handcrafted by some of the top jewelers around the world, then Silpada analyzes and only purchases the finest and most unique pieces of work possible. Because the jewelry is handcrafted you can expect every piece of work to be completely unique and different from another piece, therefore not only making the jewelry valuable but also collectable. This, coupled with the fact that they retire pieces, makes owning Silpada a good investment.

Is Silpada Jewelry expensive?

Silpada is surprisingly not expensive for how in demand their products are. You will find Silpada products to be very reasonably priced for the quality of metals and jewelry that they feature.

What styles of jewelry can I find with Silpada?

Silpada is a very unique style all its own, and uses several different styles to fit every individual persons personality and color. Silpada tends to use natural materials such as shells, woods, resins, and other semi-precious gemstones along with sterling silver.

Do Silpada Jewelry only come in silver?

Silpada does not only work with silver, they also include other metals such as brass in their jewelry work. You will also find more pieces than not will have large precious stones and gems adding to the individuality of each piece.

What kind of jewelry can I get?

You can find different pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, chokers, arm cuffs, rings, Visionaries Behind Silpadaanklets, small earrings and also hanging earrings. They also constantly come out with new designs and retired old ones as well.

Where can I find Silpada Jewelry?

Silpada is usually only carried by official representative. It is similar in structure as Avon is so be sure to keep an ear out for a friend or relative that is selling the brand. Another option is searching online at typical second hand market sites such as ebay. It's possible with a little internet detective work to find retired pieces in stock and at a significant discount. Just be sure to research the website or company that you chose to go with in order to avoid any potential issues with payment and shipping.