Silpada pendants are quite popular among all ages because they can be used with a number of different fashions and styles. You will have a number of different types of pendants to choose from when deciding which type is best for you. There are some styles that are more popular and harder to find than others. Of special note are the retired pieces that can only be found in the second hand market.

There is a Silpada Pendant available that is made from mother of pearl. It appears as if this style of pendant is one of the more popular Silpada pendants on the market as they are famous for using natural materials in their jewelry. Mother of pearl is a shinny white gemstone that can be a number of sizes. You can wear the pendant on a number of different styles of chains such as a rope chain or a sterling silver chain. Once you have decided that this is the pendant necklace for you, you will want to purchase it right away as the waiting lists can be long.

Another pretty popular gemstone to have as a Silpada pendant is turquoise. The reasons for turquoise being popular as a pendant is because the gemstone is a symbol of friendship and helps to protect the wearer against negative energy. For these reasons it is in high demand. It is also not just Silpada that sells turquoise as a pendant and as such the source of these gemstones tend to dry up rather quickly.

There is also an onyx gemstone available in a pendant form as well. If you want to purchase a black onyx gemstone pendant you will need to order it or purchase it right away as the onyx is another fast moving item. The reason for this is because the deep black of the stone matches nearly everything it is paired with. It's a very safe and glamorous choice for this reason. If a man chooses to wear a necklace onyx would be a good choice.

Silpada pendants make great gifts for loved ones and the recipients are sure to immediately fall in love with them. Silpada has a high retention rate with customers as once you purchase your first piece you will be hooked on the brand. Furthermore, pieces are being retired all the time so some pieces are sure to increase in value making them a solid investment for years to come.