Silpada sterling silver rings are affordable and trendy looking silver rings that are sold at parties using a person's home and friends as customers. There are also some online sites that sell Silpada rings. The unusual character of the rings make them look like hand made creations especially wrought for the person wearing the ring. They are often described as looking like one of a kind silver rings.

The Silpada rings are part of the Silpada Designs company started by Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh in 1997. They had been doing at home jewellery parties for six years and decided to join their talents and begin with their own company. The couple worked together to create the name of their company Silpada which really has no other meaning than the name of their company. The unusual quality of Silpada rings is really due to the efforts of the companies owners who have a network of international jewelry craftsmen. Each Silpada ring is deliberately made to be different from the other rings.

That is what makes Silpada rings an extraordinary jewelry collection. You can always be sure of being able to identify your own Silpada ring and no one else will ever have another Silpada ring exactly like yours. Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh had become proficient in designing sterling silver rings and other jewelry and with their combined contacts of selling jewelry at home parties for six years, were able to contact jewelry artisans from around the world to make unique rings. Unique in that each Silpada ring is different from the others.

Silpada rings have a rich Oriental or Indian style and come in multiple rings, rings with semi precious stones and artistic workmanship. A Silpada sterling silver ring can be visually picked out from other sterling silver rings because of the artistry and the flair that each ring shows. Silpada online sites that seSilpada Bling Ringll Silpada rings have ring after ring of enticing variation. And, what is significant is that you might order your very own Silpada silver ring with an opal stone and be assured that even if a hundred other people ordered the same ring, no two rings would be exactly alike.

The slight variations in each Silpada ring makes them even more treasured than many other perhaps more costly rings that can have the same identical features regardless of the price. One diamond ring may be impossible to distinguish from a hundred other similar diamond rings sold by the same company in that rings style. The Silpada rings in each style are all different, each and every one containing a unique element to make them identifiable.

The Silpada rings chosen are usually felt to be an expression of individual taste as unique as the individuals themselves. Many Silpada rings come in sets with neclaces and bracelets in the same general pattern, but, of course, as unique as the person ordering the ring itself. Silpada rings are all beautiful with an eye to detail and shape and unconventional styling.