Silpada watches are one of the more popular brands of watches being sold today. The reason why this brand has become popular is because they can be paired with many different styles of clothings and accessories. Silpada watches available on the market can be as simple as a sterling silver band with a face plate and can get as decorative and stylish as intricate designs etched into the faceplate.

Silpada watches are designed to appeal to a broad number of women. The watch bands range from simple leather affairs to fully engraved and decorated sterling silver pieces that in some cases outshine the faceplate itself. Depending on the exact style of sterling silver that you are looking to buy depends on the choices that are available. Silpada watches are retired all the time and the pieces that are tend to fetch a much higher price then the currently available watches.

The Silpada watches with leather bands that are available come in a number of different varieties. The leather bands can feature a distressed look which would be better suited for men looking to purchase a Silpada watch. Once you have decided on this style you will have a choice of different face plates. The face plate could be a square or could be a circle. If you are purchasing the wide width men's Silpada watches you will probably want to purchase the face plate in a circle. This appears to be one of the most common style of the Silpada watch family. If you are purchasing this for a women then Silpada Watchesyou may consider the square look as more and more women's watches are being made in a square face plate.

Being eco friendly is all the rage these days and Silpada watches come in various natural materials. Of particular note is the bead, shell, and glass stretched band watch. This features natural materials in a stretchable watch band perfect for any neutral or earth tone ensemble. Don't worry about creating more waste for the planet as these materials are gathered from nature herself.

By being both stylish and affordable, Silpada watches make a perfect gift, either for yourself, or for a loved one. Just out is the 2010 line of watches so be sure to check them out today.