Do you have silver ballet flats for women in your closet? Polls show that the average woman owns between 15 and 20 pairs of shoes at any given time. For a lot of women, the real number is much higher. Shoes are often more than a necessity with women, becoming a real obsession.

Women scour stores and browse online for untold hours, searching for just the right pair of shoes for every occasion. A majority of women find themselves selecting and putting on the same few pairs day after day. This says that we women love our comfortable classics and reach for them time and again. The shoe that goes with more than one outfit becomes a favorite very quickly.

Jessica Simpson Leve Silver Ballet

 Ballerina Flats In Silver Are The Classic Option

Where versatility and style count, a classic option is the ballet flat. Even the most shoe-crazed woman is prone to choose the practicality of wearing one fashionable pair of shoes that can go from work, to the park, to the grocery store, and to a dinner party. How can one pair of shoes go so many places and look appropriate and attractive in each setting?


The Super Comfort of Silver Ballet Flats For Women

For starters, comfort. When a woman moves easily and confidently, she always looks better. The design elements of a flat shoe make running errands or running through the mall much more comfortable. A ballet flat gives the advantage of accomplishing daily tasks freely without the bulky, obvious sportiness of an athletic shoe, or the precarious teetering and blistering of wearing heels.

Silver Glitter Party Ballet Flats


Specifically, silver ballet flats always look polished and match a great deal of anyone's wardrobe. Metallic flats can add a little flare to jeans and t-shirts, cotton sundresses, or dress slacks. For women who typically like to don large patterns and bright colors, silver flats still make a statement without clashing or competing with the rest of the ensemble. Much like a shiny ring, they just add oomph without stealing the show.

 Customize Your  Silver Ballet Flats With Cute Accessories

In more formal settings, you can often still get away with ballet flats, but this is made even easier by a wide range of flats with extra adornments. Jewel clusters, rhinestones, and bows have made their way onto footwear to diversify, since women often keep multiple pairs of flats in their wardrobe. Clip on shoe accessories are readily available now, making each pair easily customizable and even more suited to your unique preference for each occasion.

The popularity of silver ballet flats for women ensures that no matter your favorite designer or store, they are within reach. From Christian Louboutin to Wal-Mart, you never have to look far for a good fit and style. To look chic and put together when you have other things on your plate, slip on a pair of cute, stylish flats and move on with life in super-style and fabulous comfort.

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