Hot Sterling Silver Jewelry Trends Seen In The Last Few Decades

Silver is exception: literally and figuratively



Silver jewelry has always been considered to be simple and classic. Created from 92.5% silver alloy and 7.5% ‘other metals,’ sterling silver is the highest grade available. However, everyone knows, some trends are long lasting but most are fleeting at best. Taking that into consideration, investing in a few key pieces of sterling silver jewelry that are constructed to withstand even the most ‘trendy’ of trends is always a wise decision.

But, many types of silver jewelry including earrings, toe rings, ear-studs and pendants are becoming more and more popular. The most current trend, body jewelry has made it’s way onto Hollywood’s red carpet and can be seen on an array of people from authors to athletes. Nose studs, navel rings, studs and labrets are the most common kinds of jewelry you will seen being worn by those that like to live on the edge.

Toe rings became popular in the late 1990s but slowly it faded after new fads started to catch on. However, sterling silver toe rings have made a comeback. Most recently, during the summer of 2008. Pendants and beads have also made a comeback in recent months. Silver beads in shades of peach and coral for the Spring and Summer have given way to browns and tans for the cooler months. Silver necklace

Rings featuring ‘love/peace/faith’ have been seen in magazines and sitcoms over the past years and continue to be the most popular among teens and young adults. And of course, who could forget the butterfly, bow and crown sterling silver rings? Children’s jewelry has gone from boring to creative. Now, silver and white gold children’s earrings feature fun characters such as shoes with crystals, bumblebees and rainbows. The rings display panda bears, teddy bears, apples and flowers.

Although the ’little black dress’ is still a staple, people have been using jewelry to dress up their casual attire. Ready to go the swanky downtown nightclub? Pair your best designer jeans with a shimmering tank top, some dangling earrings and a few chunky silver bangle bracelets. There was a time when sterling silver took the backseat to gold. Then platinum jewelry came on the scene, making it the most beloved precious metal of all.. Those days are over and now sterling silver has moved from the sidelines to the frontlines.

Today, everyone from the eccentric to the reserved use silver to express their personalities. It can be dressed up or down, and is appropriate for any occasion. Just like your favorite pair of slippers or jeans, tasteful sterling silver has proven to be a true classic with a super fun twist.