Cufflinks are a men’s fashion accessory that is not seen very often. Usually cufflinks are worn when wearing a tux or when wearing a very nice button-up shirt or suit. Since cheaper shirts generally come with buttons on the cuffs, it is usually the higher end or more expensive shirts which are made to be worn with cufflinks. A pair of silver knot cufflinks might seem like a small, unimportant accessory item, but it can really impact the way a suit or shirt looks. This is partially due to the fact that is is rare to see someone wearing silver knot cufflinks, but also because they really stand out and make a statement.

 If you have never before used a pair of silver knot cufflinks, you might be surprised to know that they are very easy to use. There are two basic designs for cufflinks. They either have a hinged back, which is the most common design, or an interlocking circle and piece of metal.

 Putting the cufflink into the hole on the shirt’s cuff is very easy to do. For the silver knot cufflinks, the silver knot design is what goes on the outside because it is the part of the cufflink which is supposed to be seen. For the cufflinks that have a hinged back, you have to open that hinge so that it is straight in order to fit it into the hole properly. For the other design, the metal piece and the circle just unlock. 

How to wear the cufflinks in style

The silver not cufflinks should be pushed through the hole leaving the silver knot showing. It will not go all the way through the hole because it is designed so that the knot is larger than the hole. The same applies for cufflinks that have a design on the front other than a knot.

 Once the silver knot cufflink is through the hole on the sleeve, you have to get it through the hole on the other side. This is accomplished by bringing that side together towards the other side of the sleeve, which currently has the cufflink in it. You should be able to do this on your own, but if you are having problems you can ask someone else to assist you in this matter.

 Once the other hole has been brought to the cufflink, push it through that hole as well. This serves to bring together the ends of the sleeve and keep it closed, just a like a button would. However, you have to secure the cufflink or it will fall out and the sleeve will open back up. For the hinged cufflink design, you just need to close the hinge. For the other design, you just need to interlock the circle and metal. Regardless of which design you have for your silver knot cufflinks, you do not have to worry about it coming loose and falling out during the day because it is made to stay in place. Now all you have to do is repeat this process with the other sleeve.