Graduation charms: Trinkets for the tutored

Graduation charms are ever popular gifts for women. If you have a daughter that's about to graduate, or a friend or relative, or even someone who's gone back to finish or get a high-school equivalent or college degree, then this might be a good commemorative piece of jewelry to get them. A graduation charm is something that will let them remember you for a long time after the charm of graduation has faded and gone. Today's internet stores are brimming with the choicest of picks with regards to charms, so you needn't even get out of your chair to make someone happier than they are likely to be.

The practical side of graduation charms

A good idea this year would be to get them one of many 2010 graduation charms that are on sale through sites like eBay. The 2011 graduation charms are out as well in case you're one of those well-organized "I bought my Christmas turkey last Easter" kinds of people. Well, not quite but you get the picture. The problem with graduation charms, though, is the fact that your choices are pretty much limited to either the year of graduation, a graduation cap, or a diploma; it really would be too much to ask them to have photo copies of their entire course material or a life-size model of their college hanging around their neck after the hard part of actually graduating is over.

A couple of good ideas for graduation charms

An innovative idea would be to mount their graduation class ring in a setting to wear as a graduation charm. A lot of stores do this, and depending on how much you want to spend, you can get it done for as little as under $10 or as much as $300 for a solid gold setting. It's also convenient if you get them a charm and chain (or bracelet) set so they won't have to mix and match later on; they may end up not wearing it, and your sentiment will end up sitting in the bottom drawer only to be found years later, an antique by then.

Italian for graduation charms

Italian graduation charms are especially popular this year. They come as cuff links so they're perfect for the educated male as well as the well-read female. They're very inexpensive (some are 99 cents) so you can even combine them with another gift. For girls you could consider matching earring-set graduation charms, and for guys, possibly a watch with engravings on the back. Go wild with your choice but remember to first decide whether you want them to be able to wear it everyday or just for special occasions.

Olden charms for Golden grads

Vintage graduation charms are also a good idea, for those vintage graduates. Of course, you want to sensitive to their feelings, so do remember that a tatty old tarnished piece of jewelry doesn't really say "congratulations" to a 65-year-old back to school graduate. Try something more subtle, like a vintage sterling silver diploma charm or graduation cap charm.

Various styles and settings of graduation charms

One of the things that you need to keep in mind is how they're going to be wearing the charm. On a chain is usually the most done way, but on a bracelet would be a good idea as well; or maybe a brooch, a set of cuff-links or earrings, or even mounted on a pen's pocket clip. There are a number of customizations that some stores (even online ones) will do for you if you can give them the idea and the basic design. You may have to pay more for such bespoke gifts, so be prepared for that. For a simpler gift, go with some of the standard off-the-shelf models of graduation charms.