There can be few people in the western world who have not heard the name of Simon Cowell. This entrepeneur has become world famous, and extremly wealthy into the bargain. His musical talent may be in short supply, but he certainly seems to have his finger on the world's current musical pulse.

In recent years his portfolio has grown and he is a regular face on Britain's Got Talent, American Idol and the UK's X Factor. X Factor morphed out of Pop Idol and after some initial legal battles, Cowell earned the exclusive rights to this show.

X Factor UK There have been press reports today that some of this is set to change.

Simon Cowell is reported to be taking X Factor, or a version of the show, to the States. He is currently busy with American Idol, the UKs 2009 X Factor having recently ended for another season.

Cowell will be leaving American Idol, after this season, to concentrate on getting the X Factor up and running in the USA.

As long ago as September 2009 there were press reports that Simon was in negotiations, for taking the X Factor to America. It would now seen that the deal is done.

The show has been taken up by Fox and the first American season will air in 2011. How this will run I am unsure. Suiffice to say, 2010 will be Simon Cowell's last American Idol season and so if the show continues a replacement will be necessary.

Can American Idol survive without Cowell?

Of course the jury will still be out but I think American Idol will survive. The show is about the judges, bickering and personalities but ultimately it is a talent show. With talent such as Adam Lambert, from the 2009 season, American Idol should continue to laugh all the way to the bank.

What is X Factor?

X Factor has been running in the UK since 2004. The show followed on from the likes of Pop Idol, in the UK and is basically a singing competition. However, the show's purpose is to select a final winner who has something a little extra, namely THE X FACTOR. The artist or artists also need to be able to be popular and a successful prospect for chart stardom. The series always begins with the auditions and for 2009 these changed slightly. They were held in front of a studio adience, a little like the Got Talent auditions.

The format is also a little different and, if X Factor USA runs like the UK show, contestants may range from ages 14 to ages 100 plus.

X Factor UK has had chart success with Leona Lewis starting her musical career on the show. The 2008 winner Alexandra Burke and 2009 winner Joe McElderry look set ot follow in her footsteps.

Will X Factor USA and, Simon Cowell in this venture, be successful?

This is a hard one to call as there are many aspects which make X Factor UK successful. I have read rumours that Cheryl Cole, Girls Aloud member, will be joinimng Simon in America for this show. Well she is definitely an asset.

In the UK the show is aired from late summer through to Christmas, which is perfect scheduling. The rest of the TV scheduling is repeated programs and dross.

So much will depend on the timing of X Factor USA, the panellists, the participating talent and if American Idol continues to reign supreme.


It looks like there may be ratings wars and scheduling problems on both sides of the pond. Perhaps Simon is set to part company with X Factor UK? In some ways X Factor UK has almost had its day in the and perhaps this is why Cowell has decided to move now?

One thing is for certain though, out of all the winners and losers, this battle for the ratings may cause, Simon Cowell will more than likely come out on top. Currently he is unstoppable. However, he should never forget that every dog has its day!