Simple Tips To Take Your Lips From Flop to Fab!

Lipstick improves your appearance in a very big way. Choosing the right color for the right occasion and your skin tone can be tricky sometimes. Applying them the right way so that you do not have to keep redoing your make-up is important.  Here are some tips that celebrities use and they work.

  1. Lip liner

It is easier and faster to line lips first but for better results, you could try lining the lips after applying lipstick. Apply a rich lip and liquid liner and you are ready for your night out.

  1. Lip color

Properly applied lip color will look just like your natural lip color. Be careful when applying so that it does not seep outside your lips.

  1. Applying lipstick

Apply on relaxed lips to ensure that you reach to all the areas that are visible. For the glossy finish, say ‘oh’ so as to cover the whole lip surface.

  1. Quick fixes

Lipstick color may suddenly appear darker or lighter. A quick solution is to blend with either a lighter or darker shade to tone it down. For bright ones a touch of brown or beige will tone the look down.

  1. Shapes

Lipsticks will take the shape of how you apply them. A flat shape indicates that you first usually apply the lower lip then put the lips together so as to spread the color. This is a fast way but could leave the corners of your mouth without lipstick. A pyramid shape indicates that the lipstick is probably applied evenly to both lips. Another shape they could take is drop-off which indicates that lipstick was probably passed forward and backward between lips. This could cause the color to be uneven.

  1. Colors

You might want a certain shade of lipstick which you do not own. Mixing the lipstick with gloss of a darker or lighter shade will result in a new color. There are so many combinations that may result.

  1. Red

Red lipstick with blue tones is much more fun and flattering than those with orange tones. People fear putting on red lips but you will never know how you would look unless you try it.

  1. Skin tone

It is advisable to wear those colors that match your skin tone for a more natural look without looking too overdone.

  1. Lip shape

You may want to give your lips fuller look. A simple trick is to use different shades of the lipstick.

Classic looks can be created by simple separates of the lipstick and your clothes. Also your lipstick need not match the color of your clothes. A contrast created by a mixture of bright hues will be good. You could also make a certain lipstick color your signature. Some celebrities have a specific red carpet lip color. You can wear whichever color you love and exploit its hues.

Lipstick can add a pop of color to your outfit so that it does not look too dull. Pink lipstick can go well with the little black dress. Retro style can be complemented with red lipstick and blonde girls could choose to go for a bolder lipstick.

Trying the above tips will make you look gorgeous. Doing it the right way will get heads turning. Lips should be taken care of by conditioning and moisturizing them.

Fashionable Red Lips

There are so many different shades of red lipstick to choose from. Finding the right one that matches your skin tone or hair to complete your look can be challenging. I find red lips sexy and give a pop of color to your outfit which has dark colors. They make a statement and are so stunning. A good thing about red lips is that anyone can wear red lips.

You first need to figure out which category of skin tone you fall into. Fair complexions are best suited by colors in the range of red and cool blue. These will balance your skin tone while brightening you up. True red will particularly look amazing against that fair complexion. If you are fair, you could also try shades with a plum or pink undertone. You could also use a sheer lipstick with a red shade; it will work well with your skin. Avoid darker shades as they will blend in so much with your skin and your red lips will not stand out.

Those with medium or darker skin tones can try out the orange shade of red. Since these complexions are dark, an orange lipstick will add brightness because of its intensity. They too, balance skin tonality. This would be best for a dark woman who is able to handle attention. Shades of red with a cranberry or berry undertone will work for you.

Complexions with yellow undertones look amazing with orange shades or shades with a golden base. Lipstick shades with a rosy undertone are best for those with milky complexions. An easier way to find the right lipstick for you is to consider blue-based ones for skin with pinkish undertones.

I like to blend my skin tone and hair color with my red lipstick. Blondes can try out lighter shades of red and those with darker hair could wear deep red. I like celebrities because of what they bring to the red carpet. They are able to pull together whatever look they have. They also like to try different hair colors and somehow are able to perfectly blend it with their lipstick.

Those with black or brown hair and with a warm complexion should try out brown based shades of red. Redheads who have a warm complexion could opt for oranges or brighter shades.

When wearing red lips, it is advisable to tone down your make up so as to draw attention to the lips. Red lipstick also goes well with monochromatic clothes, either whites or blacks. Red lips can make simple look, more dramatic.

 I also find tips of how to wear red lipstick that will work best for me from celebrities. You can compare your looks with those of a celebrity and try out the shades that they are using. Apply a couple of layers to ensure that it lasts. You can also apply powder to give it texture

Before making a decision on what red lipstick to wear, it is important to consider the above so that you look fabulous will less effort. Red will always be trendy no matter the season. Not only is finding the perfect red lipstick for you enough, but you have to apply it well. Buy good quality lipstick that is easy to maintain and long lasting.