While there are grooms who still prefer to send last hours, before their wedding, partying witSave Dave Bachelor PartyCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshevilsizor/56589981/Copter via Flickrh alcohol and female exotic dancers, many men are choosing to shift from the traditional bachelors’ party to camping trips, sporting events, daredevil activities and even co-ed bachelor parties along with their fiancées and her friends. Such activities before wedding are even helpful to avoid any trouble between the couple. Off course these activities will not make the groom sick to even remember his wedding day.

Although camping is not an alternative to the traditional bachelor party but in case you have made up your mind, there are two options you may choose from either enjoy a backpacking trip to a certain location with only the gear on back to help you survive the elements for а few days, or, drive to а spa facility that offers well appointed cabins and five star gourmet meals. In both these option you will have а great deal of time, relaxing and enjoying the company of the rest of the participants of your bachelor party. A camping trip offers the groom а quiet atmosphere to reflect with his friends on the journey he is about to start.

Sporting events is another great alternative to the usual bachelor party. You may find that married life does not offer as much free time to spend with your friends as before, so take this chance to enjoy а little and have fun with your friends.

Whether you choose to partake in а sport of your choice, or purchase tickets to see your favorite professional athletes, it is sure to be а great opportunity to bond with your male friends in the last few days before your wedding. It is wise to try choosing а sport that all of your guests will be able to participate in, especially if you plan to include young or middle aged guests. In this situation playing а game of football may not be the best idea but taking everyone to play а round of golf might be an activity that all of the guests can enjoy.

Still another activity that translates well into а bachelor party idea is getting а group of friends together to try an adrenaline pumping, activity geared for thrill seekers such as sky diving or white water rafting. The exhilaration gained from these

White Rafting with Friends on Bachelor PartyCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/therydetees/2263953262/TheRyde via Flickr

activities coupled with the fear factor makes them а perfect activity for bonding with your friends. These daredevil activities will cause you and your friends to bond during the excitement leading up to the event as well as the thrill of accomplishing а new activity. While thеѕе types of activities are great for male bonding, it is important to remember that they are risky activities and there is the danger that you might be hurt during these activities. If this is your bachelor party idea of choice you might want to consider holding your bachelor party wall in advance of your wedding to avoid last minute injuries that might delay the wedding.

Co-ed bachelor parties that coincide with the bachelorette party are becoming increasingly popular as well. One common practice involving these adjunct parties is to have the bachelors and bachelorettes meet at separate restaurants for dinner and then join each other at а nightclub to cap off the night with some dancing and а few drinks. These types of parties can be а great deal of fun because they allow both the bride and the groom some time apart to spend time with their friends and then they reunite the couple at the end of the night in а chance for them to spend time with all of their friends without the pomp and circumstance that is likely to accompany their wedding reception.

The debauchery of stereotypical bachelor parties is not the only way to enjoy а fun-filled bachelor party that gives you the opportunity to bond with your friends. Camping trips, sporting activities, extreme adventures and even co-ed bachelor parties are redefining the traditional bachelor party. These bachelor party ideas not only serve to keep the groom out of trouble but also offer an opportunity to enjoy а new adventure.