The term simple cell phones may seem like an oxymoron. You might not even have a cell phone just because the technology seems so complicated. A cell phone can help you stay in touch or keep you safe in an emergency. Here is how to find simple cell phones that anyone can use.

Go with a free cell phone. Many cell phone providers offer you a free phone when you sign up for the service. Then you can upgrade the phone to various models for an added fee. Instead of upgrading to the latest model, stick with the free phone. This phone will have fewer features. You might not even have a camera or be able to use the internet on the phone. This is the easiest way to get a basic phone that is easy to understand and it saves you money too.

Look for larger buttons. Ask your cell phone provider for a model with oversized buttons that are easy to see. Decide whether or not you'll be doing texting when you buy the phone. You might want a phone with a full keyboard, this will look more like a computer keyboard and you'll be able to text faster. The entire process will be easier because you won't have to squint to find out how to get to a letter.

Understand your plan. You don't want your first cell bill to be an ugly surprise. If your kids are using your cell phone, or are on your plan, then exercise parental controls. You can ask some cell services to place a block on your kids account so they can only call certain numbers, or use a certain amount of text messages and minutes. This helps you both learn how to control the cell phone bill and you won't have any nasty overage charges. Be aware that your cell phone company will probably charge you an exorbitant fee for every minute that you are over. Additional fees will include sending and receiving text and picture messages, data usage, and additional lines.

Consider pay as you go cell phones. Cell phone service shouldn't interrupt your life or your monthly budget. You can add minutes to a prepaid cell phone when you need them so you don't buy minutes that you don't need. This plan is ideal if you're only going to use your cell sporadically or for emergencies.

Keep it simple. Cell phone usage can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. You can spice up your cell phone by adding a skin or cover to the front so that it matches your outfit. This will make the cell phone fun and you'll want to learn how to use it. Study the manual so you can learn basic skills like how to check your voicemail and how to use your address book.