Simple Christmas Decorating 

Holiday Cards - Reuse those leftover or gifted Christmas cards to decorate inside the house this season. There are a number of ways to use holiday cards to decorate. Some example ideas of how to use cards as easy christmas decorations are:  display  cards on mantles and shelves; post them up around the doorway or windows, creating a Christmas themed frame; put those old picture frames to use and actually frame the cards (taking advantage of the budget friendly holiday artwork); punch a hole in the upper bend (crease) of the cards and string them up over a door way. 


Christmas Trees for Decorations - Christmas trees are occasionally overlooked as to their roles in contributing to your holiday decor. Most homes it is merely customary to put up and decorate a Christmas tree because where would you put there presents if there isn't a tree? Tree's however provide, often, the most visual yet simple Christmas decorating platforms that you will find in most houses. Decorating them in a number of fashions and displays can be done to fit the most basic to the most extravagant styles of decor. 


Keep in mind, when out shopping for your Christmas tree decorations, just how well the ornaments and lights that you choose will flow with the rest of your household's seasonal decor. 


Garland- This rope like decoration can work wonders with adding a dash of Christmas cheer to your home. Use this to decorate door ways, walls and the Xmas tree. Garland can be found in different shades of green as well as in metallic shades of just about every color related and unrelated to Christmas. 


Dressing up your Candles - There are several simple decorating tips you can try to add a dash of holiday spirit to your house using simple candles. Wrap a bit of Christmas garland around the base of a taper or pillar candle. Place a few springs of mistletoe (take caution around animals and children as some species of mistletoe are poisonous) in front of or around the candle holder or experiment with other holiday greenery. This can add that extra pop to really bring out the feel of Christmas for all who live within and visit your home.  


Simple Christmas Table Decorating - It may be a bit of a surprise when you see how much a table cloth can liven up  your home. Whether solid colors or patterns are used this simple decoration can really contribute to an appealing holiday theme. Colors to consider; red and green plaids, solid; red, green, white and blue. 


Mistletoe - How can a home be complete without a sprig of mistletoe hung above the doorway? This is a classic, small yet profound decorating idea for the holidays. Mistletoe can be spruced up with a red (or other colored) bow, bells or even some tinsel or garland to create a more visual and creative appearance.


Wreaths - These holiday decorations are not just for hanging on exterior doors. Holiday wreaths can look great when placed over the fireplace mantle or hung above a decorative side table. These can be perfect for those looking for suttle and simple Christmas decorations or even those with more eccentric decorating styles.


These are a decorating staple around Christmas for many homes. These can be handcrafted from branches out of your own back yard, made of paper and crafted by the kids  or purchased at a number of retail stores. 


Hopefully this article gave you some ideas for simple Christmas decorating in your home. And remember - just because something is simple does not mean it can't be elegant, classy or that perfect added touch that you were looking for.