Get your Christmas shopping done quickly without stress.

Does the idea of shopping for Christmas presents make you cringe? Here are some helpful ideas to take away your reasons for procrastination:

What are reasons that we procrastinate? Why do many people not enjoy shopping for gifts for our loved ones as we should?

  1. Lack of time
  2. Lack of cash
  3. Lack of knowledge about the person (your brother’s new spouse)
  4. Lack of parking spaces
  5. Lack of interest

In order to lessen the stress of Christmas shopping your first step should in January. Decide at the beginning of the year how much you plan to spend all total on Christmas and save part of each paycheck all year. Plan only to spend that much. If you decide ahead of time who you will be buying for and how much you will spend on each person you will be less tempted to splurge at the last minute and blow your budget.

As soon as your relatives and friends can bear it; write up an email asking them to send you a list of gift ideas. You will be saved the time it takes to think (or worry) about what to get for each person and you know they will appreciate what they get.

Christmas Tree(68990)If you are willing to go to the shopping mall, go as soon as you complete your gift list so as to avoid huge crowds. Before setting out list each gift and each store you will visit. You can even make a plan to map out your route store by store so as to limit any back-tracking.

If you hate going out to shop during the season then stay in. Make it a date on your calendar. Turn off the phone and make an evening of it. Put the kids to bed. Light a few scented candles. Put on your favorite Christmas movie or music. Gather up your gift lists and make a hot drink (or open a bottle of wine). If you choose to drink wine limit your self or you may get carried away with your spending.

Connect to Amazon or your favorite online shopping site and “search” for the gifts on the lists you have gathered. By the time you have filled your “shopping cart” you most likely won’t need to pay for shipping.