There are numerous maintenance tasks around the home that sit on the 'to do' list and some are constantly getting put off because they either seem too fiddly or too difficult. You don't bother calling in a tradesman to do the job either because it may not seem to be a big enough job to go to the trouble of finding one willing to do it. So it ends up not getting done at all.

One such job may be a closet door installation. Closets are very often installed into small unusual spaces that would otherwise be unused. They may be a funny shape and so they require unusual shaped closet doors that you may get custom made. Installation may involve hanging a simple swinging door or you might be required to get your head around a sliding or bi-fold closet door installation. None of these types of installation tasks need be terribly difficult however they will require some basic DIY skills.

Sometimes it is the simple things that are overlooked when installing closet doors. Here are a few basic tips to consider when doing a closet door installation.

The assumption we will make is that you have already got the right size closet doors to fit the closet you will be adding them to. As silly as it sounds, the first step you've got to take in your closet door installation is to ensure that the size of the doors you buy is the right fit. Failing this step will complicate the actual installation process.

A space saving idea for your closet is to install sliding doors rather than swinging doors. Closet space is usually tight, as is the space immediately outside the closet. Deciding on a sliding door will help maximize the amount of space you've got to play with.

A sliding closet door installation assumes that there will be room in the wall cavity or along the wall for a door to slide into when opened. Not all closets will have this luxury. The answer is to install bi-fold doors instead. These doors will fold neatly in on themselves and sit compactly either side of the open door. They look good and they're a nice space saving idea.

If you're putting in sliding or bi-fold closet doors, make sure that the door runners are suitable for the type of door you've bought. Not all runners match every door and if you buy the wrong door runner you'll have no hope of getting your new doors to run properly.

Before you actually install the new doors, it's a good idea to paint or stain them to match your décor. You can always wait until after the doors have been inserted before you do the painting but the job will be just that little bit more difficult. Painting them first can be a simple yet effective time saving idea.

Adding a closet gives you the benefit of an increase in storage space in the house. Installing the closet doors yourself is an option that will save you some money as well as giving you the satisfaction of being able to do it yourself.