Different people smoke for different reasons. However, one of the most cited reasons is stress. For example, the smoker finds his whole life to be too stressful (the most typical complaint is too much work to do and not enough salary) and smoking helps him to cope with this stress. Another complaint is that something or someone frequently causes him stress in his life (for example a nagging wife, or an unreasonable boss). For people who are under continuous stress like this, quit smoking hypnosis that directly targets and attacks their nicotine habit head-on is not always the best solution. Good generals know that sometimes the shortest path to their goal is to sneak behind their enemies' back and give them a good swift kick.

So it is when you smoke because of stress. These two hypnotic techniques will help you to kick your smoking habit without trying to tackle an entrenched behavior head-to-head. The first technique is simple - sit comfortably in a quiet place and count backwards from 100 down to 1. Once you reach the number 1, you should feel a little bit calmer and more relaxed. Most smokers would need to do this a few rounds. If you do not feel a difference, it means you have not done enough rounds of this exercise. This is a common method of putting yourself into a light hypnotic trance.

Stay in this hypnotic trance as long as you feel comfortable. When you want to end it, just count up from 1 to 5. If you set an alarm, the jolt will also end your trance. Many people find that the calming effects of this light hypnotic trance continue on for a while even after they end their self hypnosis. The first week, you will probably need to do 5 to 10 rounds of counting just to get to a relaxed state. But when you keep doing it, you will get to the point where you feel calm by the time you reach 50 in the first round of counting. By the time you reach this stage, you probably will not feel any need to smoke cigarettes (or you will have significantly cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke).

This is not the traditional quit smoking hypnosis that you see advertised, but it is free and easy to do ... and more importantly, it works. When your smoking habit is caused by stress, spending $50 on smoking hypnosis CDs which may not work does not seem worthwhile. Far better to save that money and try a free self hypnosis technique first. If it does not work, you can use the money you saved for professional treatment from a hypnotherapist.

The second technique is built on the foundations of the first self hypnosis technique. Once again, we do not try to quit smoking directly. Count backwards from 100 to 1. When you can consistently reach a calm and relaxed state in your first round of counting, you can start to anchor this feeling to a specific gesture. Once this anchor is properly formed, you can instantly recreate this relaxed and in-control feeling whenever needed - like when facing an irate customer, or when your boss gives you yet another unreasonable deadline, etc. When you can easily get rid of your stressful feelings from these unpleasant encounters, you will be able to quit smoking easily.

A common anchor is to bring the tips of your thumb, index finger and middle finger together while saying the word "Relaxed". For many people, performing this anchor gesture once they reach a state of intense calm is enough to produce the association. Others may feel the need to give more specific hypnotic instructions - something like "When I bring my thumb and fingers together in this gesture, and say the word 'Relaxed', I feel completely calm and relaxed like this."

Just remember that you need to renew both your hypnotic conditioning (the backward count from 100 to 1) and the anchoring regularly. And there you have it - two self hypnosis techniques to help you quit smoking. The first more basic method helps people who smoke because they feel too much general stress, while the second method helps those whose stress if caused by one particular person.