What are some great diet tips? It really boils down to you finding a healthy and balanced eating plan. There are many diet programs you can follow, or you can even sign up for some prepackaged food programs.

I know that the commercials on t.v. make it sound like there is only one plan or method that works if you want to achieve permanent weight loss and that is just not true. Everyone is different and you will want to find what works for you.

The short answer is diet and exercise but there are a lot of variables within these two categories. Choosing the right diet for you and your needs is vitally important but so is choosing the right types of exercise in the right amounts and the right number of times a week.

And you don't have to divide diet and exercise 50/50 either. Some people will do very well if they focus more on what they eat and only spend a fairly small amount of time working out, say a 70/30 split between diet and exercise.

Others will enjoy working out more and would rather make that the biggest part of the equation say a 70/30 split favoring more exercise and focusing less on what they eat.

No matter which option you choose you must understand that you have to incorporate at least some element of both diet and exercise. Don't think you can work out like a fiend and eat as much or whatever you want. That won't work because at some point you will not be providing your body with th nutrients it needs and things will fall apart.

When it comes to diet you may find that pre-packaged plans sound appealing. While all of these things may work for you, one thing you have to keep in mind is that some of these things can get pretty expensive and you may not be able to keep up with them if money becomes an issue.

You can retrain your body to like certain foods. Adding some fresh vegetables and fruits to your diet is an easy change. Even if it's just one or two fruits or vegetables a day, a little bit is better than nothing.

Many times some small changes in the beginning can lead to bigger changes later on after you start seeing some results. But for now, just worry about starting small and making some simple daily changes. Very often the rest will follow.

Making some small changes in your diet can make a huge difference in your overall appearance and health. That is one of the best diet tips you can follow.