English Lavender - Makes wonderful sweet-smelling pure lavender oil

Lavender linen water was very popular in Victorian times, and has been used for over 100 years to freshen and perfume bedding & fine linens.  Here is the simplest, carefully tested and refined recipe used by our Lavender Farm.

We used to make a lavender linen spray English Lavender - Makes wonderful sweet smelling pure lavender oilCredit: Skeffling Lavender Farmrecipe with alcohol in it.  All the alcohol does is emulsify and keep the lavender essential oil and water mixed.  By giving the bottle a good shake instead, the parts are mixed at the time of use and there is not the added cost to the recipe or alcohol exposure for those who are sensitive to it.  Simpler and better.

Some recipes use more pure lavender oil, but we have tested many recipes, and this is the least needed to get a beautiful noticeable aroma in the air, bath water and onto linens. 

Substituting lavender perfume or parfum will not give the same relaxing restorative health benefits of true lavender.  Artificial perfumes are made with petrochemicals and just imitate the aroma.  They can't give that fresh floral smell and beneficial effects that the essential oil can.  The pure essential lavender oil is the essence of the plant and when you buy lavender oil, you will swear you can smell fresh flowers in the spritz.

Lavender Water Recipe


  • 26 fl oz (780ml) or larger plastic bottle with screw top cap or pump sprayer (these can be found at the dollar store, or the blue or amber tinted PET bottles can easily be found on Ebay)
  • Small plastic funnel
  • 1 to 16 ounce measuring jug or cup
  • Teaspoon measure or 5 to 10ml plastic syringe


  • A teaspoon (1/3 fl ounce or 10 ml) pure lavender oil (Lavendula angustifolia essential oil)
  • 24 fl ounces (600 ml) water-distilled or non-sparkling, non-chlorinated mineral water

Instructions to Make Linen water

  1. Add pure lavender oil to bottle
  2. Add water to bottle and shake vigorously with cap on for 30 seconds
  3. Shake hard to mix-will cloud again then separates
  4. Label bottle contents with marker or sticker

Instructions for Care and Use of Linen Lavender Water

  1. If the spritz appears cloudy, it is fine and will not stain linens
  2. This lavender water does not need to be refrigerated
  3. Shake well before each use - to mix oil & water
  4. Keep in a cool dark place
  5. Will last approximately 1 year as scent fades

Suggested Uses of Lavender Linen Spray

Lavender is known for it's relaxing qualities, soothing and helping you sleep.  You can add a splash to your laundry rinse water for fresh smelling clean laundry.  You can also spritz damp linens when pressing them to help repel pests and freshen them.

About 20 minutes before retiring, lightly mist sheets, pillowcases or bedding with lavender linen spray for peaceful restful soothing sleep.   Or have a relaxing lavender bath with a splash of pure lavender water in your bath water to soothe and remove stress.

Another way to use your lavender spray is spritz a little in the air as a natural air freshener.  Lavender essential oil has antibacterial qualities and the floral aroma is one of the freshest and cleanest of all the essential oils.

If you love lavender and are interested in growing it, lavender can be quite cold hardy.