7 Great Tips

There are many simple exercises to do at your desk that can help you with those fitness goals.

If you spend a lot of time in your office, especially hunched over a computer or laptop, then why not give the following exercises a try.  These will not only help to keep you limber and fit, but will help with your problem solving.

Have you ever noticed, when working on a problem, that sometimes you just keep thinking in a loop?  Like you just keep coming up with the same answer?  Instead of trying to push that tired brain any further, try moving and stretching and basically taking a 5 minute break.

You don't have to do a 45 minute aerobic marathon to reap the benefits of fitness.  You can do some 5 minutes here and 5 minutes there and still get the benefit, and what better time to fit this in, than at the office.Exercises to do At WorkCredit: morguefile.com

Get Up From Your Desk Every Hour - Set an alarm on your computer if you have to!  Simply get up at the same time every hour and start by stretching your arms above your head, then slowly touch your toes, and then grab your water glass and take a quick walk around the office or house if you work at home, and get your heart rate up.

You could head to a bathroom on another floor, or simply go up and down a few flights of stairs quickly to get that blood pumping, and then get a glass of water and head back to your desk.  You will feel instantly refreshed. 

If you do this for 5 minutes every hour for your 8 hour day, that is 40 minutes of exercise you just managed to fit into your day.  You should also notice that you can get your work done faster, as that quick blood pumping break is enough to give the brain a boost of power without having to reach for a chocolate bar or other high sugar snack.

Quick Office Chair Exercises - These are some quick ab exercises at your desk, that can be in addition to your quick walk around each hour.  You can do these while you are working, or thinking or anything else you may be doing in that office chair!

Simply sit up straight with your back against the back of the chair, and grab the sides of the chair with your hands, and then keeping your feet together, slowly lift them off the ground.  You will feel your abs or stomach muscles clench slightly.  Hold for as long as you can then put your feet back down, and then repeat.

Do this a few times each hour, and you will now have added some ab exercises at your desk to your office exercise routine.

Stretches and Yoga Poses - Now for these exercises to do at your desk, will depend on your office setup.  If you don't feel comfortable suddenly stretching out with the downward facing dog, then you may need to adapt a bit for your office or cubicle!  Simply getting up from your chair, and reaching for the ceiling and then touching your toes a few times will help to keeExercise At WorkCredit: morguefile.comp you limber.

Get Away From Your Desk at Lunch - You don't have to jog (unless you want to and can get a shower) but bring your runners to work, and switch those heels for runners and get outside for a walk around the block.  The fresh air will clear those cobwebs from your mind and actually help you work better for the afternoon.

If it is winter, make sure and bring good walking boots and winter coats.  Many people take transit or drive and tend to race into buildings so as not to wear coats or winter wear.  But if you make the effort to have the right coats, mitts and hat with you, you can get the benefit of a good walk around the block and fresh air.

Balance Ball Chair - If you are really serious about getting exercise at your desk, you can purchase  pieces of equipment that are designed for this purpose.  One such object is the balance ball chair.  The theory behind these balance balls (which you have most likely seen at the gym) is that to sit on one will make your core muscles work hard to keep balanced. Exercise At Your Desk - Balance Ball ChairCredit: Amazon

Many people use these at their desks and forget about them while they are working, and after a little while on one of these chairs you will feel your abs have worked.  You could get one of these and then simply use it for a set amount of time or for the day if you can.

Stop Using the Wheels On Your Office Chair - You may have a great chair that is really comfortable to work at your desk with, but it also may have a great set of wheels, and you slide from filing cabinet, to the desk to wherever you can reach without getting up. 

Just the simple act of getting up and out of the chair and walking to the filing cabinet, will give your body some needed exercise.  We are designed to move, and spending hours in that chair will leave you with a numb behind and some padding!

Use the Copier or Washroom on Another Floor - If you work in a larger building, try surprising the other floors with your visits!  Simply get up from your desk and use their copier instead, or their water cooler or their bathroom.  Make a point of walking to all your destinations in your office building that are further away.  Get those legs moving.

If you follow the above tips for exercises to do at your desk, you are going to fit in at least 40 minutes of exercise (5 minutes per hour on a typical 8 hour day) and will work better.  So, you can't use the "there is no time" excuse, because your brain will work better with those 5 minute breaks.