There are many fat burning tips for women that you can use to get the body of your dreams but the best one I can give you is to not overlook adding a weight routine to your workout.

If you have ever gone to my blog you know that I complain about this a lot. Women tend to be so afraid of getting big that they either don't lift weights at all or they lift ridiculously small weights.

If you do that you are really shortchanging yourself out of some great benefits. For one thing, let me tell you that you will not get bulked up. If you really wanted to get big you probably still couldn't. Few women have enough testosterone to build muscle.

Even for those women who are able to build up muscle they have to work out on a full time basis and they can not cheat on their diet even a little bit. You simply are not going to bulk up accidentally. It would be impossible.

Do yourself a favor and start a weight training routine right now. Not only will you add sexy muscle tone to your body, you will also increase your metabolism. 

Lean muscle burns more fat than fat does. So that means that the more muscle mass you have, the more your metabolism will work all day every day. So, no matter what you are doing you will lose weight.

When you add weight training to your workout make sure you do it properly. If you have ever gone to the gym and looked around you've probably seen people who are yanking and jerking the weights all over the place. This is the wrong way.

For one thing, when you lift weight with so little control you run the risk of hurting yourself. Another thing is that when you do it too quickly you are cheating yourself out of the full benefit. don't allow momentum or gravity to lessen your results. Make each rep around 7 seconds long from beginning to end.

That means about 3- 4 seconds lifting and another 3- 4 seconds bringing the weight back down to the starting position.

Along with diet using weight training as part of your workout routine will do so much to help you get in shape much more quickly.  Doing this is one of the best diet tips for women. Don't work harder, just workout smarter.