Craft foam sheets are  a flexible, durable material that is perfect for children's craft projects. Children can cut the foam into pieces with scissors, or you can use pre-cut shapes to make the project even easier for young children or time constraints. You can make a foam craft to suit nearly any subject or occasion. 

Foam Puzzle

Before giving the craft to the children, cut out shapes from one piece of foam. Use a utility knife to cut through the foam, because the shapes must fit exactly into the holes. Use basic shapes or the shape of animals or holiday-themed items. Glue the shapes outline to another foam sheet of the same size. Allow the children to decorate the puzzles with markers, glitter, sequins, paint or any other materials that you want them to use for the project. Glue a small bead to the middle of each shape so that it is easy to put the shapes in and out from the board.


Before giving the craft to children, cut out three-inch circles from red foam. Cut a red half-circle from black foam and seven small black dots for each circle. Draw a line dividing the circle in half with a permanent marker. Allow the children to glue the half circle to the top of the red circle to make a ladybug’s head. Glue on the spots to make a body. Glue on two google eyes and two pieces of pipe cleaner to complete the ladybug.


Cut out nine one-inch circles from craft foam for each child. Cut two one-inch pieces of pipe cleaner for each child. Provide one-inch pom-poms and two ½ inch pom poms for each child. Instruct the children to glue the foam circles together to make a worm shape. Glue the big pom pom to one end of the worm. Glue two pipe cleaners to the worm’s head. Glue two small pom poms to the ends of the pipe cleaners. If desired, add two google eyes to each worm.


Cut out various shapes from craft foam sheets ahead of time. Punch a hole into each shape with a hole punch. Cut some drinking straws into two-inch pieces. Provide each child with an 18 inch piece of yarn. Instruct the children to thread a piece of straw, then a foam shape through the yarn. Repeat this process until the necklace is complete. Tie a knot in the two ends of the yarn to complete the necklace.