Golf Tips

So you address the ball on the tee or fairway, you know the distance, you have the perfect club and hit it right out of the sweet spot.The golf ball goes the perfect distance with the perfect amount of spin but instead of being glued to the hole it's glued to the bunker on the right of the green.As amateur golfers we have a lot to think about on every shot.We spend so much time getting the correct grip, perfect back swing, club set in position at the top of the back swing, club back in position at the point of impact, head still and not following the ball and continue through to a smooth finish.Yet so many golfers forget the basic Rule 101 - Aiming at the target.

Alignment to the target is key and poor alignment can have more than of an effect on your game than the obvious result of hitting the ball off line.Most amateur golfers will try to compensate and get back online in the down swing resulting in everything from snap hooks to the dreaded socket.

I have seen countless videos, magazine articles and pro tutorials on the Golf Channel about achieving the perfect alignment to the target.But by chance while watching a past winners clinic before the USPGA championship some years back the great Jack Nicklaus had a tip that would shave shots from my handicap and make the entire game of golf easier and more fun.

The fact that The Golden Bear used such a simple method of alignment shocked me, you would think the most successful golfer of all time (18 Majors) would use maths and science to determine his line.In fact they way Jack lined up was inventive yet simple.

So how did Jack Nicklaus align himself before every shot ?

You will be surprised how simple his method is and how easily you can implement it to your game.

Lets look at it in five steps.

Five Steps To Perfect Golf Alignment

Jack Nicklaus

Step 1. Once you have selected your club stand directly behind the golf ball and pick your target in the distance.

Step 2. In your mind draw a virtual line from the target in the distance back to the ball.

Step 3. Now on the virtual line you have drawn pick a point between 5 - 10 feet from the ball just in front of you.

Step 4. The point you picked is now your target.Address the ball aiming at the point you picked just in front of you, your club aims at that point while your feet and shoulders are square to the left of that target (For right hand players).

Step 5. Once you have lined to the target in front of you look back to the original target you picked in the distance, visualise the shot and let rip.

The beauty of this method of lining your self to a golf shot is you are simplifying the aiming process.Even for the top professional golfers lining up to a target 150 yards away is not easy.Jacks method of lining up to a target 10 feet away but on the same line is genius.Try the technique on the driving range for half an hour, then bring it to the course and you will see the results of not only more shots at the target but with the added confidence and simplified aiming technique the rest of your game will improve.