So what's an immersion/hand-held blender, and how can I select and buy the best immersion blender type that fits my cooking usage?

An immersion blender is another type of easily-moved kitchen utensil that helps in the mixing, blending and dissolving of cooking ingredients and materials. It is named so because it goes inside the pot, bowl or wok, immersing with the smoothies, purees or other cooking paste and blends and mixes them. Basically, an immersion blender is like a motorized pestle, a plastic/aluminium stick that ends with a blending/chopping piece. Therefore, it is also a multi-use tool, functioning like a blender, a pestle and, in some models, a chopping tool as well. Choosing the best immersion blender is rather easy nowadays due to the many different options and distinct models available to prospective buyers.

Renowned Immersion Blender Brands

The following is a list of several makers of this useful kitchen utensil.

Bamix: Bamix is a Switzerland-based company specialising in the manufacture of immersion blenders. In fact, it is this company that had first introduced the ever-helpful stick blender in the 50's.

KitchenAid: KitchenAid is a venerable brand of utensil makers, which had helped cooks finish their tasks for near a century. Their first product is the K-5 stand mixer, and the company had also been sponsoring famous celebrity chefs like Martha Stewart and Julia Child.

Braun: Braun GmbH is a German-based manufacturer of consumer electronics and equipment. Their product ranges from personal hygiene care like hair shavers, precision equipment like watches and of course kitchen utensils like immersion blenders.

Breville: This Australian brand was founded in Sydney, way back in 1930's. They produce many varieties of small kitchen utensils and appliances. This brand is famous for introducing the clam-like sandwich toaster.

Of course, there are many other manufacturers and brands that produce stick blenders. Some are more famous, some have higher standards and some have lower prices. This small list is just a beginner's introduction.

Best Places That Offer Nice Deals On Immersion Blenders

There are many reputable stores and shops, online or offline, that offers nice pricing options for immersion blenders. Online stores usually offers the best deals, especially if bought direct from the manufacturer of their agents. There are also a variety of coupons offered on many third-party sites, that can be used, redeemed or sold back on these online stores. This site requires registration before purchase, but once registered, users can browse through many varieties of immersion blenders on Amazon also offers many other types of kitchen utensils like toasters, pressure cookers and deep-fryers, some of them at a heavily-discounted price to attract customers. Product reviews are also available, written by other users that have bought the item so that prospective buyers have proper information about certain blender models before making a decision. Famous for its many auctions on virtually all kinds of buyable products and services. The site is occupied by many sellers wanting to part from their tools in exchange for worthy amounts of cash, so proper bidding and auctioning promotes healthy competition. The art of negotiation is also useful here, since buyers that can haggle the best prices for immersion blenders can save some cash.

Specialised Restaurant Supply Stores: There are basically two types of stores like this, a big and organized emporium, and the other is usually a small shop packed with utensils. A bigger store often has many more varieties of immersion blenders available, offering more choices to aspiring chefs. Their prices are also slightly lower due to them buying in bulk from warehouses. Smaller shops meanwhile have little variety, but with smaller overhead cost and areas to take care of, services are more friendly, with one-on-one negotiations and more personalized attention.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Immersion Blenders

This are the several important characteristics to consider and points to ponder on before buying an immersion blender, in no preceeding order:

Material Quality: Some blender's body are made of plastic while some other are made of stainless steel. This largely contributes to their final price, and these materials had certain advantages over each other. Plastic blenders are certainly cheaper to buy and lighter, whereas stainless steel blenders are more durable and is easily cleaned, as stainless steel are unlikely to be discolored or stained with ingredient remains after prolonged use.

Warranty: Warranty plays an important part when deciding which is the best stick blender model and brands to buy. Longer warranties are definitely the better choice, as broken models can be replaced free of charge. Be warned though, authorized replacement centers will not entertain your warranty request if they found that the damage were caused by improper handling and not manufacturing faults.

Attachment: An immersion blender's attachment is the most important piece that makes the whole utensil function properly. Most quality blenders come with several attachments provided inside the packaging, from whisking tools to mini-blades. This make the stick blender a very handy piece of kitchen utensil, able to replace other more manual type of tools.

Power Variable: Depending on the model, certain immersion blenders that uses more than 600 watts are more suited to heavy-duty restaurant work, and other more diminutive models, around 200 watts, are better when used to make small doses of tomato puree and strawberry smoothies, for example.

Price Tag: Immersion blenders can start at 20$ for the cheapest model, though typical price ranges are between 50$ to 150$. Like many other equipment, devices and tools out there, higher prices often come with more attachments, speed and quality materials, like a stainless steel body as mentioned beforehand.

Durability: Immersion blenders uses electric motors to propel their spinners. Therefore, it is imperative to determine the safest usage period to prevent the motor from overheating and face premature damage. Most models are fine up to 30 seconds of spinning on, and if longer periods are necessary, use them intermittently. Some models also come with a 'turbo' mode, which temporarily increases power flow for a quick fix.


By browsing and inspecting all available shops and stores, there are many deals and choices available if you are looking to select and choose the best model of immersion blenders for cooking.