Need a Battery?

Replacing a MacBook Air battery is very simple if you just follow some simple instructions. Here is a quick and easy guide to replacing your MacBook Air battery so that you can do it yourself and get charged back up on no time.

Before we begin, you will need a very small Phillips screwdriver - size 0. If you look on the bottom of your MacBook Air you will see the tiny screws that you need to reach, so choose the proper screwdriver and let's replace your battery.

How To Replace the MacBook Air Battery

Step 1: Turn the MacBook Off

 First, turn your MacBook Air off (shut it down) completely. Then, turn it over so that the bottom is facing up. This will expose the screws.

Step 2: Remove the Outer Screws

Next, you will use your very small screwdriver to remove all 10 of the screws. These screws are located all the way around the perimeter of the case. Make sure you keep them handy because they are very small.

Tip! Put the screws in a small dish or bowl so you won't lose them.

Step 3: Remove the Back

Now that the screws of all off you can lift the back panel off carefully, exposing the inside of the computer.

Step 4: Remove the Inner Screws

Now you will remove the 9 inner screws that are holding the old battery in place. These screws are located mostly around the perimeter of the battery but there is one towards set in just a bit.

Step 5: Remove and Disconnect Old Battery

Lift the old battery out gently just a bit so that you can disconnect the power cord from the corner. The power cord simply pulls out of the computer. Once you remove the power cord the old battery is free.

Caution! Use care when removing the battery so you don't pull on the power cord.

Step 6: Connect and Insert New Battery

Just as you pulled the power cord out to remove the old battery, now you will insert the new battery's power cord into the computer. After that, you can set the battery in place as the old one was seated.

Step 7: Replace the Inner Screws

Replace the 9 inner screws that hold the new battery into place.

Step 8: Replace the Back

To replace the back, set the side next to the battery in first. You will see how the prongs slip in on this end. Then, simply set the back down flat and push slightly to close the case.

Step 9: Replace the Outer Screws

Replace the 10 outer screws that secure the back case to your MacBook Air.

Step 10: Power Up!

You're done! Now all you need to do is power up.


About MacBook Air Batteries

Like any rechargeable battery, the MacBook Air battery will eventually need replacement, though it should last several years.

Apple offers this service for a hefty fee and if you are willing to part with your MacBook for a week or so. This service may also be available at an Apple store near you. However, if you get a MacBook Air battery you can carry out the job yourself in minutes.

Please remember that as with any rechargeable battery, your MacBook Air battery is not to be thrown in the trash. Rather, it should be disposed of properly at an authorized recycling center.

This simple guide, a screwdriver, and a new MacBook Air battery, is all you need for replacing a MacBook Air battery.