Keeping our homes dust free helps us stay healthy by lessening dirt and giving us clean air. Organizing our homes for easy dusting and vacuuming keeps our environment fresh.  So a clean home isn't just for looks and entertaining. It leads to being energetic and functioning optimally in home life and work. In addition to keeping a dust free environment, simple habits in our daily or weekly routine may keep us from the latest viruses, so we don't miss time from work or enjoying family members.

Floss once or twice a day at the least before bed. Make sure to wrap the floss around each tooth and clean down to the gums massaging them. It cuts bacteria in the mouth and cleans decaying food from between teeth. It keeps gums healthy and from gathering plaque where bacteria can grow into infections and gum disease which can drain our bodies of energy.

Brush teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums to thoroughly clean the mouth. Check with the American Dental Association or your dentist for the correct method of brushing, so gums aren't damaged. So teeth are as clean as possible keeping away bacteria and disease.

Use a plaque fighting, germ fighting mouthwash and a toothpaste with fluoride twice daily to lessen the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

Clean toothbrush with white vinegar weekly. White vinegar may remove some bacteria which has built up on the brush. Sprinkle white vinegar over the toothbrush on a clean plate. Let it sit for about 15 minutes or more, and then rinse the toothbrush thoroughly under clean hot running water.

Replace toothbrush about every three months or if it is dropped on the floor. Even if it is dropped in the sink, using a new toothbrush could cut bacteria entering the mouth on the brush.

During cold season, try a little saltwater up the nose to fight germs and clear sinuses. Put about a teaspoon of sea salt without iodine in hand, add hot water--not too hot--and then sniff the saltwater. Immediately blow nose. Gargle with the saltwater too.

Take hot showers and baths to release toxins through the skin. The heat and steam can clear sinuses too.

After bathing, rub body with a clean towel to get rid of dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation. Many recommend rubbing towards the heart. For example starting at the hand and rubbing up the arm towards the shoulder is rubbing toward the heart.  Starting at the foot and rubbing up the leg also leads toward the heart.

Get rid of dust mites by washing sheets and shaking or vacuuming blankets and pillows weekly. During seasons of high pollen counts, vacuuming, is perhaps, better than taking bedding outside to shake because pollens may hitch a ride back to bed and bring on allergy symptoms.

At least once a month wash pillows in hot water or go over them with a fabric steamer to kill dust mites. While washing pillows may pull them out of shape, steaming keeps them fluffy and fresh. Washing may get more dust out, but steaming keeps them usable.

Eliminate mold and mildew around windows, behind furniture, or wherever it tends to collect around the house. Gentle cleansers such as white vinegar or soap and water wipes the mold and mildew away when used regularly.

Making these habits part of life may make life healthier.