Taking care of your hair will involve both hygiene and application of cosmetics for a better look. Hair is very different in different people depending not only on race but even on the environment where we live. Actually, hair is used in the identification of persons in processes like DNA tests. Both men and women are known to be cautious on how their hair looks. 

Here are some of the things that are necessary in hair care:


Cleaning of hair will have to include the cleaning of the scalp as well. This is because hair grows from within the scalp whereas the visible part of the hair does not undergo any growth. Dead cells and toxic elements may accumulate on the scalp leading to infections, formation of dandruffs and even creating a habitat for lice. The scalp produces a substance referred to as sebum, which hinders bacteria and other organisms in someone’s hair and protects the hair as well. However, this substance may not be evenly distributed throughout the hair. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your hair regularly to enhance this. Moreover, when the scalp is brushed it is stimulated to produce more sebum. When brushing the hair you should start at the ends stroking downwards and then proceed towards the scalp.

It is also important to wash your hair with shampoo once in a while rather than using water all the time. Shampoo will be used together with water, and it helps in reducing the water’s surface tension and hence it is able to soak the hair much better. This way, dirt and grease on the hair are emulsified and easily removed by water while rinsing.


Lifestyle is an important component of hair care. This will involve reducing the levels of stress, sleeping sufficiently, avoid tobacco smoking, eat a balanced diet with an emphasis on vitamins and proteins and take some exercises when you can. Another aspect of lifestyle involves your swimming time. This is a time that your hair will definitely get wet. Therefore, it is necessary to soak your hair in water that is not chlorinated before you can start swimming. In addition, you can either wear a protective cap on your head, or else you should make a point of shampooing and conditioning the hair after leaving the pool.


Whenever you want hair care through drying you should ensure that you use cool air from the dryer to avoid damage to the hair. Secondly, the dryer should be moved along the hair rather than placing it at one spot. Thirdly, you can use the towel to dry your hair more before leaving it to dry completely by itself.

Treating Dandruffs

Dandruffs can be caused by many factors in different individuals. These will include hormonal factors, poor hygiene or even weather conditions among other factors. Therefore, if you suffer from dandruffs, your hair care should involve a way of treating them. There is no specific way to treat this condition but there are products like oils and shampoos, which help in the reduction of dandruffs. You should get one of these products and use according to the given directions on the label.

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