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The season of ghouls, mummies and witches are nearing and as people are getting busier and busier by the second, they will be needing simple Halloween costume ideas in order to still join in all the fun of Halloween without exerting much time and effort.

Halloween goers need not even buy expensive materials because almost all the material for these simple Halloween costume ideas can be found right in the comfort of their own household. With very simple and easy-to-follow instructions, these busy bees will surely not be left out by the thrill of the Halloween season.

The White Lady

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Probably the easiest to create among all simple Halloween costume ideas, more applicable to young girls and women of course, is the white lady. All it requires is a white gown or some sort of plain white garment, powder, and black eye shadow. Of course there’s the option of adding touches of blood (red lipstick can be used for this) on the white garment and on your face but it basically depends on your personal taste. Just apply the powder all over the face and neck without holding back on the level of whiteness. Create raccoon-like eyes just by carelessly encircling your eyes with black eye-shadow. Red lipstick can be used on the lips, but make sure that it would look as messy as possible. And as a final touch, tease your hair again as messy as possible—and not the messy beautiful type like what some celebrities do, it’s the messy ugly and freaky type so don’t hold back!

The Pirate

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Due to the blockbuster success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise worldwide, it became the new peg for Halloween costume ideas especially for men and young boys. Jack Sparrow became a household name as well, and same goes for his signature look and movement and his way of speaking.

In the past years, the number of boys using the look for their Halloween costumes is directly proportional to the success of each new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. And how could it not be? All you need to complete the Jack Sparrow look are a very dirty white and very loose long sleeves, a vest (may be dark blue or black), worn out loose trousers (may be dark blue or black also), a long wig (if you can find one with cornrows hairstyle, it would be perfect), some fake moustache, black eyeliner, toy daggers and swords, and layers and layers of scarves. You don’t even have to drive to the nearest mall to get this—well except for the wig perhaps. And again, the trick is to look as dirty and as eccentric as possible so just pile on everything and all you will be needing to complete Jack Sparrow is his way of speaking and certain mannerisms.

The Vampire

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No Halloween will ever be complete if there aren’t any vampires, and it’s very fortunate that creating the vampire look is a very simple Halloween costume idea. We’re not talking about the Edward Cullen-type of vampires—what fun is there if you just splatter on white foundation or some glitter to make your body sparkle? Of course we’re talking about the look of Count Dracula. And his look can be easily achieved with simple materials such as plain black clothing from head to toe (long sleeves and slacks are recommended; white long sleeves can be used as well), a black cape, white powder or foundation, black eyeliner, fake fangs and some hair gel, white gloves are optional. The trick with Count Dracula’s look is to be neat and clean but completely scary and freaky. Again, there’s no reason to hold back on the use of white powder on the face as well as hair gel to style your hair according to your liking. Now all you have work on is his deadly smirk and his fangs-revealing smile.

The Wicked Witch

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Aside from the white lady, the witch is probably the second most popular simple Halloween costume idea for girls. And this type of witch look resembles those of the wicked witches from Snow White and Rapunzel. Just like most of other simple Halloween costume ideas, the most important trick is to look as ugly and hideous as possible.

To achieve the wicked witch look, all you need is a black gown or some sort of long and loose garment, black shoes (boots are recommended), black eye shadow, a pointed witch’s hat and a broom. It’s a plus if you already have long hair that just needs messing up with, but if not, you can use a long and messy wig to complement your hideous face. Just pile on everything and carelessly apply black eye shadow to create raccoon-like eyes, practice that high-pitched evil laugh and you’re good to go.

The Undead

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What better way to join in the all the Halloween festivities than to come as the undead who just rose up from the grave? The great thing about this simple Halloween costume idea is it can go for both boys and girls, and a lot of variations can be made.

You just have to put in mind the essentials of the zombie look which are: white powder, black and purple/violet eye shadows, and really, really worn-out clothes. Just spread the white powder across your face, body and even your hair. Use the black eye shadow to create the look around the eyes that haven’t slept for years and violet/purple eye shadows on some parts of the face and body to make it look like bruises and lines. Red lipstick or red face paint can also be used for blood marks on the face and some body parts. Add a little more fright by using contact lenses with white iris and small black pupil in the middle.


With these simple Halloween costume ideas, there are no more excuses for anyone to pass out on the celebration and festivities. You can join in all the fun without being the odd man out without having to spend so much money and exert so much effort and time.

All you need for these simple Halloween costume ideas are the exact things which you already have within your home. With materials at your very reach, all you need is to completely personify the character and you’re set to be the life of the Halloween party.