Simple Halloween costumes for adults are the best choices because basic seems to work best when creating your own outfit! Whether you stuck in a bind to create a last minute costume or simply don’t want to spend money on a Halloween outfit...these simple costumes will do the trick!

The greatest thing about these costumes is that they will make people wonder!

Whether you’re wearing them to a Halloween party or trick or treating, people will be wondering:

-Why does that man have smarties glued to his pants?

-Why is that women dressed as an angel with an iron?

-Why is the person that is wearing jewellery also carrying around a shovel?

To be honest with you, these simple Halloween costumes for adults will make people wonder what you are dressing up as, and will make them laugh once they find out!

 Make Your Own Gold Digger Costume

I really like this one because it is one of the simplest Halloween costumes that adults can pull off! I am only saying this because it only uses things that you will already have lying around your house. That’s right, this Halloween costume will not cost you anything!

In addition, this outfit will literally take minutes to put on. No more putting on layers of makeup...simply throw on the clothes and costume accessories and you’re good to go!

There are two things that you need for this DIY gold digger costume:

1. As much real and fake gold as you have lying around the house

2. A shovel that you use to clean your driveway in the winter

Put on as much of the gold as you can and carry the shovel around with you. The clothes that you wear are completely up to you; however, I would try to wear some light colors so that the gold jewellery stands out.

This DIY gold digger outfit is one of the best simple Halloween costumes for adults on a budget because it won`t cost them anything!

Dress Up As An Expression-Time Flies!

This Halloween costume is pretty simple, but you might have to run to the dollar store. You will need two things for this costume as well:

1. An analog clock with a rope to hang it around your neck

2. A pair of costume wings (are usually sold with angel costumes)

The costume becomes very simple to make once you have those two things. Simply put on the pair of wings and hang the clock from around your neck. People will probably come up to you and ask you what you are trying to dress up can respond to them with the answer “time flies” and watch them laugh for minutes!

Adults can choose this simple costume to wear on Halloween if they are going to a party that will allow them to interact with the others!

Be sure to take a look at these costume wings on Amazon...they cost less than in any costume store!

 Making A DIY Iron Chef Halloween Costume

Once again, you only need two things to execute this simple Halloween costume. To top it off, most adults will already have these two things lying around the house, which will make this an absolutely FREE Halloween costume for most people!

You will need:

1. A chef’s apron

2. An iron

Put on the chef’s apron and carry the iron around in your hand, and you will have yourself a perfect do-it-yourself iron chef Halloween costume.

To really make this simple costume stand out from the rest you can use a permanent marker to write on the apron. You can write something like “The Iron Chef” or “Iron+Chef”. This is definitely one of the simplest Halloween costumes for adults because it can be thrown together in less than 2 minutes!

Make A Smartie Pants Costume With A Glue Gun

If you’re following the trend here, you will guess that this simple costume idea requires adults to get their hands on two things:

1. A few packages of Smarties

2. A pair of pants that you are not afraid to ruin

Once you have those two things you should simply take a glue gun and glue the smarties onto the pants. You don’t have to cover the entire pair of pants with smarties, but the more the merrier!

Many people will clue into this costume immediately, but you can tell those who don’t that you are dressed up in a “smartie pants” costume that you made yourself. Feel free to incorporate a pair of nerdy glasses to complete the smartie pants look!

Whether you’re on a tight budget or don’t have much time to look for an outfit, these will work for you! Execute any of these simple Halloween costumes for adults, and watch as everyone around you tries to figure out what you’re dressed up as!