Halloween is definitely one of the most popular and famous celebrations of the year; the majority of the population participates in it, regardless of their religious beliefs or cultural background...no other celebration has accomplished this. There was a time in which people could spend 5-10 hours making a single outfit, but society has evolved and people no longer have that time on their hands.

Everyone seems to be on the lookout for simple Halloween costumes for adults to wear! Nobody has the time to devote 5-10 hours to making a costume so they are forced to resort to the simplest Halloween costumes. These are the types of costumes that can be put on in a matter of minutes, or created in less than an hour!

Simple Costumes That You Can Make With Things That You Already Have In Your House

There are a lot of homemade costume ideas that you can pull off to look exactly like the costumes that you buy in a store; however, those will still take you an hour or two to create. I have come up with a few of the simplest costume ideas that will literally take you less than 10 minutes to put together!

Gold Digger- Gather up all of the gold jewellery that you can find and carry around a shovel. You can also choose to wear fake gold jewellery if you are too scared to wear the real stuff!

Time Flies- Carry a clock around (or tie it to a string and hang it around your neck) and attach a pair of costume wings to your back! Amazon has a ton of costume wings to choose from.

Life Of The Party- Carry around a box of Life cereal as you walk around with a party horn in your mouth. Be sure to blow on the horn every few minutes so that people can really recognize your costume.

Smartie Pants- Use tape or a hot glue gun to stick Smarties all over your pants. I would recommend using the hot glue gun if you don`t mind ruining the pants because it will ensure that the candies stick onto them!

Iron Chef-Dress up as a chef, and carry an iron around with you. Amazon has many chef costumes to buy!

Each of these simple costume ideas will literally take less than 10 minutes to pull off! That is also why they are considered to be some of the best last minute costumes because they will literally make people laugh their heads off!

Create Your Own Homemade Flashdance Costume

Flashdance was a movie that was popular throughout the 1980`s; however, it also became a fashion trend that many women began to follow.

Creating your own flashdance Halloween costume involves:

-Wearing an oversized sweatshirt that hangs over one shoulder. You can also cut the neckline out of a regular sweater to achieve this “over the shoulder” look.

-Putting on a headband to hold your hair up

-Wearing leg warmers that extend over the top of your knee

-Putting on a pair of short shorts that are shorter than the oversized sweatshirt that you are wearing

The only downside to wearing a Flashdance costume for Halloween is the simple fact that it can only be worn by women!

The greatest thing about this costume is that it can also be worn to an 80’s themed party!

Men Can Dress Up As A 1920’s Gangster For Halloween

I think of this as being one of the simplest Halloween costumes for men because it usually involves things that they will already have in their closet. Gangsters from the 1920’s generally dressed up in formal clothes and carried a gun around. With that being said, it can be relatively easy to create your own homemade version of a 1920’s gangster costume.

-Head to your closet and pull out a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt. Make sure that they are ironed and put them on.

-Wear a black tie, black vest, black fedora, and a black pair of shoes to really complete the roaring twenties gangster look.

-Head to the store to buy a fake gun, and tuck it into your pants so that the handle is noticeably sticking out of them.

As you can see, you probably already have most of these things in your closet, so it is relatively easy to create this simple Halloween costume.

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Most adults are looking for Halloween costumes that they can create in less than an hour and with very little effort; nobody has the time to devote 5-6 hours to looking for or creating a costume anymore! With that being said, this article is filled with plenty of simple Halloween costumes that adults can use.  Dress up in one of these outfits, and you will surely attract a ton of attention from the people that see you.