Make a healthy chocolate pudding faster than a mix.

Chocolate pudding recipeCredit: Photo by Jane Gates

Because so many of the diet foods for sale are filled with chemicals and preservatives, I always opted for eating healthy with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish. It has been a simple diet that has kept me strong and healthy for decades. After a lifetime of eating 'well' I find my digestive system is not happy when I give it much processed food. But that doesn't mean I don't still have a sweet tooth and a love for chocolate. Still, there was a point when I began to put on some weight with aging and I had to cut out almost all those delightful frivolities. That was when I came up with this simple, easy and healthy diet chocolate pudding recipe. Anyone can make it.

 Mix a slightly less than a tablespoon of powdered, unsweetened cocoa with one and a half tablespoons of corn starch. Add a half teaspoon of powdered stevia and mix all three with up to a cup of water, almond milk or low-fat milk – whatever you prefer. That's it. Play with the measurements to achieve the thickness and flavor that you like best.

 Make sure to dissolve the solids well in the liquid so it doesn't get lumpy. It only takes a moment of stirring. Heat the mixture in a sauce pan or microwave it carefully (so it doesn't boil up and overflow) until thick. If microwaving, start with a minute to heat it, stir the mixture, then continue doing the same in ten to twenty second intervals making sure the pudding doesn't boil over the top of the container.

If you don't want to use chocolate, then replace the cocoa with powdered carob. You can also add a drop or two of vanilla to round out the flavor.

This chocolate pudding has no egg for vegetarians and stevia is considered safe for people with diabetes, to the best of my knowledge, since stevia does not raise blood pressure the way other sugars will. Although it will be a little different to the commercial puddings, this will be a very simple, healthy, low-fat chocolate pudding that is easy to prepare, tasty and great for any diet.