A Favorite Deli-Snack Prepared Right at Home

   This recipe requires no cooking and uses cold ingredients. It is also super-quick to make, with a preperation time of 10-15 minutes, depending on how many spirals you need. One, 10-inch tortilla can make roughly 12 spirals.

You Will Need:

Large Flour Tortillas
Wipped Cream Cheese
Thin-sliced Turkey or Ham
Thin-sliced Cheese (your choice of flavor)
Pimentos (chopped or sliced)
Cutting Board
Sharp knife

   Lay a tortilla out on your cutting board. Small tortillas can work just as well, but are harder to work with and make smaller spirals. Spread a thin layer of cream cheese over the entire surface of the tortilla. Regular cream cheese is just as good, but is harder to spread which increases the risk of tearing your tortilla. Next, add the pimentos, doing your best to spread an even layer on top of the cream cheese. A little-bit of liquid from the pimentos is okay, but try keeping it to a minimum as too much liquid will make your spirals soggy.
   How you lay down the next ingredients (meat, cheese, and lettuce) is important. You want to create even layers so that the tortilla rolls evenly with out being too thick. First, lay about three to four slices of meat in a row across the middle of the tortilla. Add a row of cheese above your meat and then a row of lettuce leaves under that. Try to choose leafs that don't have the bulky, stem-like part so that they will lay flatter.
   After you finish laying out the ingredients, its time to roll up the tortilla. Grab one end with both hands and roll it as if you were making a tube out of paper. You want to roll it firmly, but not make it so tight that you tear the tortilla. End with the seam face-down on the cutting board. Using your knife, cut off the two ends and either enjoy a quick nibble, or discard. Then cut the rest of the roll into 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch slices. Try not to press too firmly so that you don't squish your spirals.
   Last, you may want to display your spirals nicely by laying them out flat on a nice platter or on a couple of dinner plates. Your spirals can be eaten as a nice, rather filling lunch or be served as appetizers at a private dinner party. They are also great for birthday parties and baby showers. However you decide to serve them, they are sure to be a hit!

Further Ideas:

   This recipe can be customized by changing up the ingredients a bit. You could replace the turkey or ham with pepperonis, salami, or chicken. The cream cheese could be swapped with a nice italian pesto or the lettuce exchanged for fresh baby spinach. And don't forget the wealth of available bread options, such as spinach or whole-wheat tortillas!